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You are describing Nancy Pillowsi, your former speaker of the house. Talk about a lunatic. And they dare to criticize Bachmann or Palin with a bats woman like Pelosi actually holding high elective office..
I love Michelle Bachmann. Why is this her last term?
The purpose for a Hillary presidential candidacy was initially to give Bill four or eight more years. Hillary gets elected but then Bill runs the show. Nothing has changed. Electing Hillary is electing Bill.
He needs to get past dwelling on his obsession with the unemployment rate. It doesn't get any votes. Republicans aren't unemployed, Democrats are. The unemployed are going to vote Democrat. I have a job., I don't give a hoot about unemployment. Tell me something I'm concerned with, like getting even with liberals for the eight years of anguish I've endured.
Next big thing is asteroid impacts. They are going to want money to stop asteroid impacts.
Who cares if it gets a warmer? My a$$ is absolutely frozen. Climate is going to change anyway. Just try to stop the climate from changing. Next, they are going to try to stop asteroids from impacting Earth. It is absolutely insane what we have to put up with.
Don't forget. Hillary's presidential candidacy was always just a front for Bill to get back in power. She gets elected, he runs the show and gets his Lewinskys.
Really, i have two votes. The first is whether to vote or not. Assuming one concludes there is a reason to vote, the second vote is as to one of the candidates.
The "War on Drugs" has met with failure because it has never been waged. People selling or smuggling deadly drugs, like heroin, crack, or whatever it is - personally, I wouldn't include marijuana - need to be hanged or shot for everyone to see on the spot where they are apprehended within 24 hours. No questions asked if they get shot by the arresting officers. The evidence needs to be taken to a judge and they need to be tried pronto.If you got caught with enough drugs to sell, you're guilty. You can't have those drugs. Appeals to follow within 35 minutes. Then if you have the drugs, you're guilty and you're hanged or shot. I guarantee, the war on drugs will be won, and won quick.
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5 Virtues That Liberals Take To The Extreme

Jay520 Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 12:25 PM
Woe to those that call good, evil and evil, good. Diversity, if it only pertains to skin color, is just judging based upon skin color, and if anything is "racism" it's racism. Unless diversity refers to ideas and talent and contribution, it isn't good at all. It's just a house divided against itself.
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