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If anything, she owes me reparations.
These people think - or are trying to perpetuate the myth - that the United States was responsible for slavery. Their revisionism ignores that the white people of the United States fought the war to free the slaves from the trouble their Kenyan and Nigerian ancestors sold them into through their friends, the Europeans. Sheila "Jackson Lee" is more descended from slave owners than I or 99% of other white Americans are.
The logic doesn't really follow, Ann. You're going to have to produce more and better argument to support your thesis of "right wing mobs." Just because a group doesn't appreciate Mitch doesn't mean it's mob. Ann ought to reserve her condemnations for the Democrats. They don't fit anyone else.
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Why Pro-Amnesty Republicans Lost

Jay520 Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 1:36 PM
I still don't get from the article why it failed, but the bigger point is, why would Republicans pass immigration reform when Democrats and Obama are going to get credit for it? Wait until there is a Republican president and then pass reform. If they won't elect republicans, then they don't get reform.
There's no problem with Christian conservatives and libertarians getting along. That's a false pill inserted in the story calculated to cause dissension among agreeing philosophies. Ron Paul and Rand Paul are pro-life and so are most thoughtful libertarians. The real problem is with Libertarians and Christian conservatives and RINOS getting along.
Totally unintelligible. What is he talking about?
Nothing new here.
They aren't going to be working so cheap once you legalize them, bonehead.
Because the RINOs have no problem with abortion, and I do. Because the RINOs have no problem with insurgent traffickers and other foreign nationals invading across the borders, and I do. Because I don't want pornography all over the TV and grade schools. Because I don't want the government educating my children in sex education and "How to be nice to Mexicans" as a federal mandate and the RINOs don't care. Because I don't want my senators and representative s senating and representing big corporations. I want the m to represent me. RINOs don't.
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My Response to Mitt Romney

Jay520 Wrote: Feb 20, 2014 2:50 PM
My opinion is the Romney lost because all he ever talked about (80% of the time) was the unemployment rate. Republicans have jobs and don't care so much about unemployment. I have a job. Why do I care about the unemployment rate? The unemployed are Democrats and they vote Democrat. So Romney didn't turn out the base. Let's not do that again.
I'm sympathetic with this. Those trucks are way too big, they kill tens of thousands of people in highway accidents every year and they are responsible for all the potholes and the need for eternal road widening and reconstruction.
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