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Is Thinking Obsolete?

Jay520 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 2:48 PM
Does anyone think that babies are aborted, not because they haven't been born yet, but because they can't complain about it?
Boehner is a drunken fool. He's a jacka$$. He's as big a problem as Obama.
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How Our World Fell Apart

Jay520 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 3:43 PM
The world is going exactly as he intends. It isn't that he's "hands off the tiller." A person intends the natural and probable consequences of his actions. He hates white people, western civilization, America, the military and Israel. Mexico is invading and Moslems are prevailing and American culture is losing. This is all delightful to him.
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D'Souza's America

Jay520 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 4:24 PM
First of all, the slavery was from the European colonizers of the New World. It wasn't Ththe United States yet. Within one lifetime after inking the Constitution, which had initially been a loose federation of former colonies, the United States eradicated slavery. Secondly, if you think slavery is "the most egregious form of oppression" you're an idiot. It's a job, food and place to stay, in a time when there was little money and many whites had no job, no food and no place to stay. Take a look at the German Holocaust or the current Christian persecutions in the Middle East, or what Moslems do to their women for examples of more egregious forms of oppression.
WaPO forgets that it won't be an honest election. Fraud will carry the day as it did in 2012.
My foreign policy doctrine: Leave other countries alone unless they are threatening the United States. (Trying to subvert its civilization and culture is a threat.) But you don't do oppressed people a favor by going to war with them. If they are threatening the United States (I mean the real United States, not the Obama Administration) then kill all the men, impregnate the women and colonize, colonize, colonize. That's all war is good for. Unless you intend to do that, then don't start a war. Just stay out of it.
I guarantee the last presidential election was fixed. Obama just happened to win the five states he had to win to get elected, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and two others? I doubt it. Vote early, vote often carried the day.
I think Katie should change her last name ... to MINE!
If you don't believe that men are created equal, you necessarily believe that they evolved differently, because evolution is selective. In that case, you believe that some men are inferior to others and that it is government's job to make them equal. If yo don't believe in God, you are necessarily a racist. There is no getting around it.
They don't believe that men are created equal. They believe government has to equalize men.
Another "truth" about gays that you're not allowed to say is that men sodomizing other men is what started spreading the AIDS epidemic.
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