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Another "truth" about gays that you're not allowed to say is that men sodomizing other men is what started spreading the AIDS epidemic.
"Unborn" is an odd word. "Children without a birthday" might be more engaging.
but the administration isn't for this country. it's against this country. anything that hurts the country is what they're trying to do.
Nobody but Saddam Hussein could have run Iraq to Western satisfaction. Turns out, it was a much harder job than anyone recognized. And Christians were not being persecuted and Iran was his enemy. He was the world's greatest buffer against both Iran and the terrorists. If he killed tens or hundreds of thousands, that was fewer than have died since we invaded. Let the Moslems kill each other.It's what they do best.
Something needs to get our military off its gay marriage behind and come to our rescue. Maybe this will be it.
You think the VA and government run health care are bad, take a look at the incompetence and waste and human tragedy that goes on in the courts and the legal system.
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Don't Stigmatize Murderers!

Jay520 Wrote: May 29, 2014 8:27 AM
The Second Amendment isn't meant to be a justification for indiscriminate gun carrying or gun use. It's value is to provide for an alternative to tyranny through operation of a "well regulated militia." Let's not give up on retaining that alternative.
He plainly just meant that the revelation of the deaths, of the situation at the VA, was a gift from God.
I'm white and no one treats me with any privilege. This is just some black chick who wants special privilege for being black.
Like Sterling, they don't allow Whites OR Republican Blacks in the Black Caucus.
Each of us really has two votes. The first vote is whether or not to vote at all. There is rapidly becoming no reason to vote at all.
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