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Who's Afraid of 'Rocky Mountain Heist'?

Jay520 Wrote: Oct 17, 2014 11:00 AM
This is outrageous! Everyone know that "Freedom of Speech" just means that you can make and show pornography.
Gee, he and his father can get together and discuss their mutual dishonor.
What are the army and the national guard going to do, shoot the virus? He might as well send the fire department.
No wonder liberals like ISIS so much.
These people are doing all they can do to get Ebola up and running in the USA. They think they can make it a world problem that way. By the way, as to the idea that the best approach is to defeat Ebola in Liberia and that therefore travel restrictions are not necessary, what nonsense! So what if you defeat Ebola in Liberia if it's everywhere else? For that matter, eliminating it from Liberia could easily be accomplished by having everyone leave Liberia. The point is to defeat it in Liberia after having contained it in Liberia. These people at the CDC/Obama administration are not operating in good faith.
This is a national story and some of you may not know the players very well. I'm writing from Chicago and I've watched these clowns for some time. No one could be more clueless than Pat Quinn. He was an outsider Democrat in the first edition of his life. He became an insider when he ran for Lieut. Governor and he got in when Blago got out. He is intellectually challenged but quite avuncular so some people like him. He turned his back on his Roman Catholic religion a long time ago because it didn't play well in the Democrat party. Who needs God when you've got the African American vote? Rauner is not really a Republican. He's anti-union, but his wife is a raging liberal and he's., at best, a business man. What he wants is a platform to run for president of the US in 2020 or 2024. He has no need for a job. He's very wealthy. He's not conservative in the social or T-Party sense. But he does have good business sense, which is the next best thing, and which Guv. Quinn absolutely lacks totally.
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Time for Conservative Cultural Surrender?

Jay520 Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 1:23 PM
1. The government has no interest in marriage at all other than to protect the women and children. 2. Gays have the same rights as non-gays with respect to marriage. They can get married if they want to. But they don't want to get married, they want to change marriage. 3. The government has no interest in whether or not gays live together. They already can. But they really don't just want to be together, they want to demean the real institution of marriage so as to destroy something inwhich they choose not to participate. You can marry copper and tin, you get bronze. You can marry cinnamon and apples, you get the lovely taste in apple pie. But you can't marry two tomatoes. You can just stew them.
To beat ISIS, you have to fight asymmetrically, like they are. You can't bomb them in the desert. First off, bomb and destroy Medina and Mecca and the other "holy" sites, like the one in Jerusalem. Then bomb the mosques all over Arabia. They'll get the idea. If they're going to fight a religious war, that's how you have to counter them. You have to fight their "religion," which is more a political movement than a religion anyway.
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DSCC Pulls Money and Ads from Kentucky

Jay520 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 3:03 PM
She sure is better looking than Mitch. Maybe she didn't vote for Obama twice.
The problem with polls is they don't reflect election fraud, which is typically the tie breaker for Democrats.
This is what really makes me furious. The implicatin is that you have certain rights and freedoms, but you have to check them at the door when you want to work, go to school, or gather to socialize in any way. If the state can pass a law requiring you to be present - at a school for example - or if you wish to make a living, you cannot bring your "rights" along with you, (unless you're a Moslem, of course). What kind of nonsense is this? The state can just contravene freedoms by imposing superseding obligations will-ye nill-ye. This has got to end. This isn't the social contract people are legitimately bound to observe.
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