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Whatever. Let's get one thing straight. Looting and rioting an damaging private and public property is not "peacefully assembling" guaranteed by the Constitution. This is nothing more than more of what Brown was apparently all about, criminality. The purpose of the riots isn't vindication of Michael Brown. It's and excuse for criminality. Just because these people are Black, it shouldn't be tolerated. It's behavior like this that gives Blacks a bad name.
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What Have we Accomplished in Iraq?

Jay520 Wrote: Aug 19, 2014 4:56 PM
What it is time to reconsider is not non-interventionism. It is time to reconsider anti-colonialism. All of the world's trouble spots, in Africa, the Middle East, Asia were being peacefully brought into the modern age under the beneficent auspices of the British and West European colonial empires. India became an educated country. Iraq, Iran and other oil spots were peacefully at ease before the politically correct, anti-colonialist imposed self rule on barbarian cultures. Same is true all over Africa. These people were at peace, being educated and learning trades until liberals mandated their abandonment.
There's "Visit Dubai" posters all over the train station and walking down to the train station. All over! They show a laughing, hip young woman, she looks like a stewardess out of the '60s, proclaiming a life of gaiety and dance in Dubai, with a ultra modern, lighted Las Vegas-style strip of urban life in the background. Du-flipping-bai! Come party with us, visit a real terror-supporting country in the Middle East, where Christianity is prohibited. Disclaimer: "Christians will be killed. No crosses, no Bibles, no praying to God allowed." It must be the biggest pr accounts in town. And the town is Chicago.
That is one of the more ignorant and erroneous tenets of the left. It isn't true at all, unless you consider Mohammedanism to be a religion.
Traditional Christianity is all but a hate crime in the United States. It will be soon.
"Can we accept a situation in which the terrorists are exonerated and the victims are accused?" It's the new group think. Good is evil and evil is good. Faith in God is evil. Abortion is good. Mother's are evil. Sodomy is good. Enterprise is evil. Redistribution is good. Freedom is evil. Regulation is good. Christianity is a hate crime. Licence is great art.
He's not allowing for fraud. When you factor in fraud the Democrats win. Like Al Franken. If it weren't for fraud, he wouldn't have won.
Is it okay to abort babies because they aren't born yet or because they can't complain about it?
What happened to Katie Pavlich? She is nowhere to be found on Townhall!
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

Jay520 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 2:48 PM
Does anyone think that babies are aborted, not because they haven't been born yet, but because they can't complain about it?
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