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Post Office Bowing to Political Pressure, Scales Back Reform Plans

Jay413 Wrote: May 10, 2012 7:45 AM
All monopolies, public or private, eventually fail. Public monopolies are particularly bad because they are endlessly subsidized with taxpayer money. At least private monopolies go out of business if they continuously lose money, unless, of course, they manage to get on the public teet.
Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe has faced massive opposition from Democrats and Republicans in Congress in the last few months due to his plans to reform the USPS. Unfortunately, it looks like political pressure has won out and the postal service is scaling back some of the measures that were to put the agency on more sound financial footing.

Bending to strong public opposition, the nearly bankrupt U.S. Postal Service on Wednesday backed off a plan to close thousands of rural post offices after May 15 and proposed keeping them open, but with shorter operating hours.