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I would be very suspicious of anything the teachers union approves. Like they say, the devil is in the details. I'd bet there are very generous appeals processes built in every step of the way. These processes can make it impossible to get a teacher fired even if they seem reasonable on the surface.
You make some good points, but if the system were changed to give the teacher more authority along with the added responsibility, then it might work. One of the things I think we could do is improve the discipline in the classroom. To do that, disruptive students need to be removed from normal classrooms and be given some sort of "special" treatment. The teachers should be given other tools to improve discipline as well. There must be some way to do this fairly.
Some good thoughts, but why would you want to limit how much a school can charge? The purpose of vouchers is to encourage availability of many alternatives. Price controls conflict with that objective; when you have conflicting objectives in a program, you usually get poor results. Unionized teachers obviously had a big role, but so did all the controls that come with federal funding.
Depends on what you think Romney needs. I don't think he needs someone to sing lullabies. He needs someone to wake people up, shake them out of their doldrums, make them listen. He needs a pit bull, not a pussycat.
Really? I couldn't stay awake long enough to hear it.
Attack dog?????? He's not even a good attack pussycat!! Romney needs someone MORE lively than himself. Portman may be competent, but he brings no excitement at all.
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Obama - Shrinking Government Easy as Pie

Jay413 Wrote: May 21, 2012 5:38 PM
Don't forget that each of these programs has important congressional supporters, in some cases even people who pretend to be conservative. This is just one more example of why we need term limits, short ones, based on total service in the Senate and House COMBINED. 12 years total in DC is enough to make anyone's brain addled.
You are correct, but it points out the folly of any public enterprise. Government undertakings of any kind are always influenced more by politics than by what really needs to be done. Thus, ineffective programs like Head Start are continued for decades despite repeated studies showing that the benefits disappear after a few years. This is one of many arguments in favor of smaller, much smaller, government, especially at the national level.
All monopolies, public or private, eventually fail. Public monopolies are particularly bad because they are endlessly subsidized with taxpayer money. At least private monopolies go out of business if they continuously lose money, unless, of course, they manage to get on the public teet.
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Vice President: Marco Rubio?

Jay413 Wrote: May 04, 2012 1:29 PM
First, he needs someone who will help him win. Rubio would be the best in that regard. Rice would insure defeat.
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