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Chris Christie Signs Teacher Tenure Reform Law in New Jersey

Jay413 Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 9:13 AM
Some good thoughts, but why would you want to limit how much a school can charge? The purpose of vouchers is to encourage availability of many alternatives. Price controls conflict with that objective; when you have conflicting objectives in a program, you usually get poor results. Unionized teachers obviously had a big role, but so did all the controls that come with federal funding.
Chris Christie signed into law this week a reform to New Jersey’s 103-year-old teacher tenure law. The reform is bipartisan in nature, with multiple Democratic sponsors in the New Jersey’s legislature and the support of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA). The law, as pointed out by Teresa Shumay of the Heritage Foundation, is a step in the right direction .

The bill requires all teachers to undergo yearly evaluations based primarily on student performance, and any teacher who receives two consecutive negative evaluations can lose tenure. Lawmakers hope that these evaluations and consequences will not...