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It Is Time to Use the "The Trump Card"

Jay197 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 6:44 PM
You clearly don't understand how politics works, with the deep insights that the Republican leadership has. The way to win an election is with a nice, safe, moderate -- someone like Bob Dole or John McCain. Crazy far-right extremists -- like, say, Ronald Reagen -- could never win a national election.
Perhaps the most significant and disappointing theme that has run through not only my decades in politics, but my years afterward as a pollster and analyst, has been the GOP's increasing tendency to shy away from anyone or anything that is bold or unique. I've watched that play out once again this year, as the same old suspects have struggled with how to use, or not use, Donald Trump.

In fact, most candidates that have actually captured the White House, post-Nixon, did so by taking incredible risks in order to shake things up. Ronald Reagan used his unflappable determination and humor...