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Cruz: “I’m Pretty Certain Mitt Romney Actually French-kissed Barack Obama”

jaxxie Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:39 AM
Get over yourself already - you sound like a Paranoid Freak. That's why we have elections -- everyone thought Bush/Cheney was going to turn the country into a dictatorship with his "I have political capitol to do what I want" and let's not forget "I'M The Decider!" The US didn't end, the world didn't end and even after the economy tanked during Bush's last months in office, there was no question of the US's ability to persevere. So wait 4 years and they'll be someone else. And quit whining already.

Yes, my friends, that is a direct quote. But here’s a bit of context before your collective imaginations start running wild (via Politico):

Sen.-elect Ted Cruz believes Mitt Romney got a little too close to Barack Obama in the third presidential debate.

“I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama,” Cruz said in a speech at the Federalist Society’s annual conference Friday.

Cruz said that conservatives failed to make their case to the American people, leaving Romney no choice but to move toward the president. “We didn’t win the argument, we didn’t even make the argument” throughout much...