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(Going) Forward

Jauko Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 10:54 AM
P a l e a s e! The reason Romney lost is because he and his record both came across to America as a rich, elitist, phony who doesn't care about anyone but himself and wants to tell everyone how hard they should work for what they get. Truthfully, that's exactly what Obama thinks too, but he just flat out lies about it. So if Republicans want to win in the future, they need to DUMP all the old RNC fogies who are always telling them who the candidate should be and get behind a candidate that EVERY Republican loves. And... I mean Every Republican. Otherwise, the Rep vote will be split again and those who don't like the candidate will just not show up to vote.
I sure hope Ted demands to have this meeting with the SS in a public place, out in the open. Otherwise, he could be taken to jail, killed, or just plain disappear. The DNC has proven to be ruthless when dealing with their antagonists...there is a string of bodies littering their trail.
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