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Wisconsin: Polls Tighten As Walker Recall Battle Enters Final Month

JasonCharleston Wrote: May 07, 2012 2:48 PM
Quick question: Who would you rather have run your Pension fund? A Mafia boss? A Radical Communist? A government worker? Bernie Madoff? Charles Ponzi? Or the people who deserve the money? Liberals I want your honest answer then I want you to put your life savings where your mouth is.

Observers at both ends of the ideological spectrum are dubbing next month's gubernatorial do-over in Wisconsin "the second most important election" in America this year, and for good reason.  Gov. Scott Walker ran as a conservative who pledged to do what was necessary to restore order to his state's red-stained balance sheets, winning the 2010 election by six points over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.  Upon taking office, Walker and his GOP legislative majorities moved swiftly to enact crucial budget reforms.  The Left is irate over the law's provisions that strip some collective bargaining privileges from government unions --...