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Romney Ad on Biden's 'Buried' Gaffe: "We Couldn't Agree More"

JasonCharleston Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 6:10 PM
Aura, No matter the excuse a law is a law and is there for a reason. And what drugs are you on? The matter is not going to be addressed. It's weird how everything becomes a crisis and it's especially weird how Washingtonians profit immensely from crisis. It's almost like they want them them or something. Oh, and a Washingtonian caring about expenses. That's awesome. Where were these people 16 trillion dollars ago. Yep, these people care about expenses about as much as your local crackhead...and you probably believe him to.

Michael Kinsley's oft-invoked definition of a gaffe is when a politician inadvertently reveals the truth.  To say that Joe Biden is gaffe-prone is an understatement, but he really stepped in it yesterday.  The Romney campaign has already released a web ad showing the Vice President reinforcing the Republican ticket's indictment of President Obama's middle-class-burying policies.  Quick turnaround:

At a rally in Iowa yesterday afternoon, Paul Ryan made the easy steal, sprinted down the floor, and