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Obama's Dishonest Buffett Rule Campaign Ignores Basic Math

JasonCharleston Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 7:42 AM
Look if Obamacare actually fixes the budget like promised than the Buffet Rule is going to completely solve not only our deficit, but all of the words problems. Raise your hand if your stupid enough to believe that? Alison are you here?
The Buffett Rule should be called the Buffett Ruse - it's an Obama Administration gimmick that's wrong on politics, wrong on policy, wrong on symbolism and wrong on facts.

The way President Obama speaks one would think that every millionaire in the United States uses dirty tricks and tax loopholes to pay less than the average middle class family. That's simply not true. Obama's campaign is predicated on class warfare and a deception of the American people.

An Associated Press report notes:

A lot gets lost in the rhetoric about the Buffett Rule, which would impose...