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GOP Promises "Severe" Backlash if Reid Nukes Filibuster Rules

JasonCharleston Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 1:43 PM
Haliburton, Your whole ideology has to pretend that lobbyists don't exist or they aren't owned by big business. How do you accomplish such an illogical feat? I am serious. I want to know. It's amazing. Government is moral and protects...but their is this thing called a lobbyists. Oh, I've got it. Only Republicans are beholden to lobbyists (eye roll). Okay. The Unicorns will magically fix everything if we keep giving government more money (LOL). Democrats are paid by lobbyists, and lobbyists write all of their bills (Could you see Joe Biden sitting down and penning a bill), but magically they do it for the people. Sorry, but your whole political philosophy is joke. It's sad really.

As if Congress needed any more obstacles to resolving the fiscal cliff (and the expiring continuing resolution, and the looming debt limit), a brewing fight over filibuster rules in the Senate threatens to obliterate the upper chamber's traditional comity that has greased the skids of compromise for generations.  We've been covering this particular controversy over recent weeks -- and dating back years, really -- so feel free to brush up on what's at stake and why both sides are digging in their heels.  Cliffs Notes version:  Harry Reid is an obtuse and tyrannical majority leader, whose strong-arm...