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What's the difference morally, objectively, structurally between the Chicaog Daley Machine and Cuba? I think Obama chose the right side.
DSMike, Boehner and McConnell wouldn't have exposed themselves if Amnesty wasn't a sure thing. I trust the SC as much as I trust Congress and for the exact same reasons.
Everyone except for Washington DC say "No Sheet."
GW, Perhaps you shouldn't mention wastes of money and Mitt Romney as your candidate. Just saying.
How about they sue the ACLU for allowing crazy people out on the street to be either homeless loons who attack innocent Americans or ones that torture their families then kill a bunch of people.
We had a choice between McCain and Bush. We had a choice between McCain and Mitt. Then we had choice between Mitt and actual conservative with 6 years of scheming.
We have our Useful idiots guy who is completely unlikeable calling liberals easily deceived rubes. I know why the mainstream media isn't beating this to death turning Gruber, and Gruberite into a household names, but I don't understand why conservative media isn't trying to break through. Liberalisms only power is the shallow belief that liberals are liberal because they desperately want to be morally and intellectually superior without trying.
So is she a Washingtonian Republican or a Washingtonian Democrat? Because I can't tell the difference these days.
He's a democrat elite...there is small chance that if he lives to be 1000 he'll attain that.
First see detroit as an example of turning capitalism into communism. Second, a communist wrote this article. You can tell by the amount of backhanded compliments in the article. I wish we could get the names of AP writers who write the articles. They are all pretty ridiculous, but some are worse than others.
This and the Ambassadorship to the UN might be the worst most made up positions on the planet. It doesn't make me mad that such a worthless person occupies the position because it is fitting. . Only that such a position exists. Barbara Tuchman is coming out with another book. She's awesome.
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