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It's adorable. The stupid journalist thought they were paid to report the truth. She's just figuring out that she was hired to completely and utterly misrepresent the truth. All those years in college to remain stupid.
Some one gets so upset when I call them out. It's okay I don't envy your job.
But fox and republicans like this which is why it has legs. Bye stories on corruption. Bye fraud and corruption.
This will take over all of the airwaves and alter the election. It's ridiculous how we fall for it. Yes, it's a scary disease. But in the grand scheme of things inconsequential.
GW, We are on an article that precisely changes the subject and you don't see the irony of you lecturing Lois on changing the subject?
Because they take precautions? And it is a picture. It's probably not from an Ebola case.
WJF, The media focuses on everything, but the truth. Look how far we've come from the VA scandal? These are all silly distractions. More people die from the fluid every year than Ebola and with Obama and Washington DC immigration policies I am surprised we don't have all of the world's diseases.
Terrorism, drought, weather, disease. It's like they took a page from Orwell and maybe it their own. They are desperately trying to justify their ridiculous existence.
LOL Control through Fear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu_30-8ZlmQ Look at the shiny disease and terrorism. Don't look at the corruption, lack of leadership, or anything else that matters.
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Well Done, The Economist

JasonCharleston Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 8:57 AM
I don't care about the person who wouldn't be able to find employment at Dennys if not for the apparatus that selected. I care about the apparatus that encouraged, condoned, and enabled such a man. This person would have been an unemployed loser if not for that mechanism. Until we realize that we will be losing war no matter how many Obamas we take down.
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