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No, no, no GW. Hillary thanks you for trying to pawn illegitimate candidates like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie on us. One makes Democrats look responsible on budgets and the other one doesn't really have the best name recognition for independent and moderate voters...the ones you claim to care about sway and the ones who hate Washington DC insiders. The truth is a powerful enemy and I don't envy your job.
GW, Yes, I would stay home if Bush won...he's not so I am not terribly worried. I think hell would freeze over before Jeb Bush won the primaries so the statement might as well go with Alien invasions and magical grumpkins. We Americans don't like our dynasties so much.
GW, Your number analogy would be amazingly impressive if you were claiming you wanted 2 candidates...you don't. You want 4 candidate and you haven't explained how they would be chosen...mass amounts money to put people on ballots perhaps? It's okay GW. The truth is a terrible enemy and I don't envy your job.
GW, I know. You want less candidates to help people you claim to hate. It makes a lot of sense. Look GW. We are used to bait and switch tactics. There is no need to change the system especially because your friends have no one to run. Have 30 candidates. I know it becomes difficult to do opposition research and create attacks adds tanking opponents. It's too expensive to attack so many especially when 2016 is going to be this. You firebomb a candidate with attack ads then the voters will flock to anyone who isn't with billion dollar Washingtonian consultant groups. I am okay with that. Yes, less opponents is better for you. Power accumulation relays on having few options or the illusion of options.
Henry VIII, I am still waiting for your intellectual honesty on Washingtonian GOP attacking Tea Party candidates...don't worry. I won't hold my breathe.
The answer is no one GW. I wouldn't vote for Jeb Bush either. He's Charlie Crist, but a little more intelligent. You say you are from Florida remember? You should know Florida politics and be very nervous about Jeb.
Liberal Pathology. It's really, really sick. Tell us how stupid and horrible we are in the same sentence...then lecture us on a better way.
Sloandog, Forget John McCain, they would rather tank Angle for...Harry Reid. She all, but won as well with little or no support monetarily and Washingtonian Republicans attacking her as extreme every chance they could...because she wasn't a Washington insider. I don't mind if they want to prop up corrupt retards who would sell out to special interest groups every chance they can (Boehner, McCain, Dole, Jeb, etc), but could you at least shut up after we beat your horrible candidates. And when they screech about a candidate beating their candidate. What exactly does that say about their expert political strategy and candidates? If you lose in a Primary to Christine O'Donnell who had no money you kind of suck...no offense to Christine O'Donnell.
Right after Christie, Hillary Clinton, and Jeb Bush. :-)
Sloandog, Except when a Tea Party candidate wins...then we are suppose to be embarrassed about it and beg the Washingtonian insiders for forgiveness.
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