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Well Done, The Economist

JasonCharleston Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 8:57 AM
I don't care about the person who wouldn't be able to find employment at Dennys if not for the apparatus that selected. I care about the apparatus that encouraged, condoned, and enabled such a man. This person would have been an unemployed loser if not for that mechanism. Until we realize that we will be losing war no matter how many Obamas we take down.
WFJ, Was Charlie Crist an asset or liability? Are career sociopaths an asset or a liability to the brand? The answer is obvious and GW should have pretended to be from a different state if he was going on his narrative. You know the answer. You just don't want to admit the obvious. All and all is Obama good for the GOP and Conservative movement or horrible for it? We know a good candidate can help the party, but can we admit that sociopath candidate who cares for nothing, but his career in politics is horrible for conservatives and Real Republicans? Sorry. Different strategies. GWs and yours doesn't interest me because it alienates independent voters. The ones waiting to be inspired. Waiting for something other than the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again.
Different approaches WJF. And again, I have 2010 to prove the conservatives are the adults. All you have a lie to prove conservatives don't vote for candidates.. Moderates by their very definition are the MOST likely to stay out of elections. You do understand both the meaning and the concept of "moderate" right? You constantly tell us how smart you so I can't see a reason why you can't understand such a simple concept.
GW, How many people like Lobbyists group candidate who would sell them out for money? Can you give me that percentage? Because I bet it isn't high. Because that is what the TEA party is despite people like yourself...and billions of dollars trying to demonize them. And we are majority loser. Get on board or get over.
Did you see 2010? Conservatives are the adults in the group who actually vote and support candidates even if they don't win. There is only one part of the part that stays home or ends up supporting the other side if they don't win the primaries. It's a stupid myth you keep pedaling. Why do you like to lie so much? You do it like it is your job. I can give you ten candidates off the top of my head that your friends did this strategy to.
If the GOP runs honest people they win. It's a pretty easy formal except the Washingtonian GOP is adamantly against and the Washingtonians unite against. See Cuccinelli for details.
Honest Americans are 99% of vote lying troll. Sorry.
Does Shame on you mean a good thing in Will world? Also, if he was a liar wouldn't he be one of your heroes. I am just trying to understand liberal troll dogma. Lying something to be looked up to in your world right?
Just tell liberal friends we should give Colorado a chance to see if legalization is good thing. It's not going to be, but stupid people need at least twenty years...wait how long has the war on poverty been and how long have we known single motherhood is statistically the worst thing for society since the plague...and the Daley Machine? Well we need a lot of time for stupid people to recognize stupid ideas. Also, ask them if they have had a friend go to jail for pot use. This is where you really get them. They still think people go to jail for having pot which is the real reason they are voting for it. They don't really care if it is legal. They just don't want to be arrested for it.
The democrats "you'd have to be high to vote for me" strategy. It's probably their most honest strategy yet which isn't saying a lot.
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