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A bunch of left wing losers get together and spend a much of money using divide and conquer tactics which they think is clever and original. They spend a bunch of money on internet losers like GW to try to create a rift between factions (again, super clever if it wasn't used since Roman times). The only problem is they pay retards who think a Libertarian would support $30 minimum wage so they have to ditch names constantly until they are left with couple of their most boring loser names. Am I right GW?
GW, You were at least C'mon Man and your GW screen name admitted it. Lies become so difficult to manage. At least you aren't pretending to be a woman.
Speaking of super intelligent moderates. Does anyone remember which two states Mitt Romney needed to win in the general election and destroyed his chances by fire bombing candidates? He/the group of creeps that backed couldn't have picked two worst states in the history of histories to attack other candidates and his own base. Florida and Mitt's home state. FYI to super intelligent moderate candidates who complain that their base doesn't super support. Perhaps viciously attacking your own base in swing states especially is not a good idea. Just a thought you moderate, intelligent, wise men.
Speaking of extremism could we poll Americans who think Special interest and Lobbyist group candidates are super popular? Poor, sick GW and his Washingtonian ilk. They believe their own lies that they are super popular. It's pathetic enough that you completely and utter stack the game in your favor so that only the most pathetic loser could possibly lose the primaries. Then you have to pretend that such a rigged game names you popular, successful, moderate, intelligent. It's really, really sad.
JRusso, GW was a fake libertarian who during his fake libertarian routine tried to push that he wanted Federal government to enforce $30 minimum wage. I think he was also Armagedeon 666. Sentence structure and attitude and very similar. Compete creep. He used to pretend he was a female with this GW fake name.
If only we chose the better candidate. If only the Republican establishment didn't spend a bunch of money attacking its own base. Weirdly GW used to agree that we should run the candidate most likely to win...until the Tea Party candidates all started winning those polls. America is completely and utterly tired of career politicians and special interest group candidates. Only a blind fool or the corrupt couldn't see that.
Weirdly if McConnell did the honorable thing and cared about the Republican Party or country he would have dropped out in the primaries and let the guy with the 20 point over Grimes run for office. That was George Washington's and WFT's policy until that talking point went a little whacky on them.
There is a reason the GOP pulled their funding for her and it wasn't polling data.
GW, FYI: if Roberts was super popular he would be...winning very easily. He's not. All of your polls kind of suck when reality rears its ugly head.
GW, Why don't you poll corrupt losers and career politicians and find out who is actually popular and who isn't? Sorry.
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