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Mockery is the best tool for these things. It's "reality TV" which means it is completely fake and scripted. Make fun of it. Mock it. Liberals are liberal because they desperately want to feel morally and intellectually superior without doing anything. The antithesis becomes obvious.
Democrats need someone with no expereience so they completely and utterly lie about them so Obama is right.
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Scott Walker 2016?

JasonCharleston Wrote: 11 hours ago (4:43 PM)
Meritocracy vs Kakistocracy. It would be very difficult for the press to argue otherwise. It's not like the democrats have even one politician with any accomplishments (Hilary won't win their primary).
Selling your soul ages you I am told.
WJF, Divisive as usual. ron Paul Supported Cuccinelli. FYI Americans/AKA the Tea Party don't want to be hated idiot. We'll take it because we know its right, but we don't have a desire to be hated. Also, if you want to win the hearts and minds I would suggest not calling college students Ron Paul Extremists...unless your goal is divisiveness which it is.
Please let this person win the Democratic nomination. Please let this person win the Democratic nomination. If she wins maybe even Jeb Bush might have a chance if we are curse with that fool winning the primaries.
Scumbag press. We saw the Oregon vote on illegal immigration.
Can we get the talking points correct? He did it to fool retarded liberal journalist. He did it to fool retarded liberal voters who will believe anything. He did it to fool retarded Washingtonian Politicians. He didn't do it to fool Conservatives or libertarians or independents. It would be impossible since we know government.
Bill, A) they knew this was happening 3 weeks ago not a day ago. B) they left for the holidays. C) They want amnesty as well. Sorry we are skeptical, but if we are skeptical perhaps you should blame it on the right people.
Did the article say braces or embraces? Because I am pretty sure I know which one this government will do.
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