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What happens If the organization that is suppose to protect you profits and expands their power from crisis?
Or better yet. Is any of it helpful? We are told that everything the government does is protecting us and working, but weirdly we lose all of our freedoms and feel no safer.
Well this makes up for amnesty, obamacare, balance budget, insider trading for Washingtonians, etc. Eye roll.
You can't have a response if you are pro amnesty hence Washingtonian Republicans should shut up and pretend they are against amnesty. But if you are a Washingtonian do you really think there are enough Grubers out there that believe anything you say? It's the part of the Washingtonian noise machine that I understand the least. They actually think when they talk people listen instead of not realizing it is the people's apathy that is biggest weapon.
Are we still pretending that the Washingtonian Republicans don't want Amnesty? I guess I missed that.
The Honest need to win the states before they win any national spot.
Terry Maculiffe or Cuccinelli? We know which person the establishment will side with.
Kabuki Theater is entertaining to people who are easily entertained. I would prefer real substance rather than self aggrandizing acts with no chance of doing anything other than promoting people who love the camera. I will be watching Real Housewives of New York knowing that I will be watching something more useful to the world and a show with more substance than all of the Washingtonian act they like to give us.
You're a liberal. You see evil. You just have it completely reversed. You believe Sarah Palin is evil, but the Daley Machine and Washington DC should be given limitless power. Also, you believe salvation comes from recycling, believing in Gullible Warming, or whatever liberal fad is foisted on you at the moment. Katherine Halsey from FountainHead was a sad story. She was pushed into a hateful worthless life in the guise of selflessness. I imagine if there were anti-anxiety drugs back then Ayn Rand would have wrote them into the character. It's why you take them like they are going out of style. You are Katherine Halsey. Gets some real friends. Get some real perspective. And free yourself.
Huckabee is a liberal in that he has all the depth of a Hallmark Greeting Card. Did he also mention that the children are our future? http://www.despair.com/knowledge.html
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