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I know. Jeb Bush and the rest of the washingtonian scum are Mother Theresa like characters who would never let personal profit get in the way of helping random strangers called the American people. Despite all past evidence, rational thought, common sense or reasoning. He's was on a company that profited from Obamacare and another that was for common core and Barclay. I would want to shame the shameless because it is a futile effort. But why is he running away from these companies? I don't care. I want Jeb Bush to run. Let's just see how popular you people actually are when it is more difficult to lie.
The real question is why would they want to wen they profit from it? The Washingotnian GOP makes money when democrats are in power and would lose everything if honest Americans were in power. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2014/12/26/jeb-bush-exits-businesses-that-could-pose-2016-presidential-bid-problems/
Call in and encourage him to run. Using tested methods on meglomaniacs is always a good idea.
If we lived in a country with a constitution all of this would be a silly discussion. We don't live in constitutional government because all judges are career politicians who care nothing for law, the constitution, or America. My guess is the blackmail or bribe or most likely both on Roberts is more important than law. It was once or twice before this.
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Democrats: The Party of the Rich

JasonCharleston Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 9:47 AM
The patronage system is the glue. Get rid of that and it's harder to money launder and perpetuate the system.
What a ridiculous story from a ridiculous organization. GPS is about as advance as a wall at this point and is a huge "why weren't you doing this 15 years ago" question. Oh, that's right. You are horrible person who occasionally has to pretend to care about illegal immigration.
Why argue Keynesian vs Austrian Economics? It's Austrian vs Ponzian economics about 10 trillion dollars ago. These people can't say they are even Keynesian any more. But Keynesian model suggest you flood the market when times are bad and squirrel money away when times are good. A) These people are claiming the economy is amazing so they can't argue Keynesian models anyways. Either the economy is horrible which anyone without a lobbyist group knows for fact or it is amazing like they say and over spending isn't necessary. Either way they are complete and utter liars. B) They never stopped spending when times were good. If they were Keynesian they would slow spending or at least have a model or program that would lie about the slowing of spending. They don't. They are liars and not Keynesian economists. They are used car salesmen. C) Never debate economics or science with crooks. They goal is only to hide their illegitimacy and exhaust you. Always debate them on their "solutions" to the problem. This goes for the Gruberites who actually still believe them and disprove Darwin's Theory just by existing.
Wow another krazy person we could see from space and did nothing until he popped. I'll be the last person to defend Muslims, but could this person even read let alone have the capacity wax philosophical? PS. The only value, and I mean the only value of Facebook is so we can find and easily identify these crazy people. It's not hard to find krazy because krazy isn't subtle. They aren't trying to hide it because they think it is normal.
Well isn't that nice. It gives them just enough time to sell us out to special interest groups.
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De Blasio vs. The NYPD

JasonCharleston Wrote: Dec 23, 2014 9:05 PM
If the Republican party doesn't use this event to seize control of all of the police unions than they truly are the party of stupid. I am not even asking them to do it for honesty and integrity. But it is an easy power grab and Scott Walker showed you the way. To not seize this opportunity makes no sense. We have all of them if you only ask.
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