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Kansas Has The GOP Breaking a Sweat

JasonCharleston Wrote: 12 hours ago (8:44 PM)
It's almost like Americans hate career politicians and their crony friends and if the Republican party doesn't understand this or more likely doesn't want to understand this they will become irrelevant.
They missed the part where Hillary Clinton actually said "Businesses don't create jobs." One couldn't make this up if they tried. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2014/10/24/Hillary-Dont-Let-Anybody-Tell-You-That-Businesses-Create-Jobs
WJF, There were some pretty evil people who hated Hitler...using your (il)logic should we not hate Hitler because then we would be supporting evil people? The time to support career politicians could be more over if you controlled all of the press, had infinite amounts of money, and supposedly the right "designation" in front of your name and still figured out a way to lose an election. Sorry, but Pat Roberts is losing for a reason and it's not because he's super honest and popular. I want him to win simply because the alternative is worse...but many, many people loath career politicians more than anything. Could you give that memo to the Republican Leadership? Also, could you tell them to stop telling me they are super popular for completely and utterly rigging the primary game and then saying they are super popular. I even mind that the game is completely rig so 99% of the time the incumbent wins. It upsets me that the parties thing they are popular because of it.
What all democrats are afraid of...the truth.
Gosh, I remember when the GOP said they wanted to run the strongest and best candidates. Sigh, if you can barely win the most stacked game ever created called a "primary" you are probably one of the worst candidates of all time. At least WJF and GW won't be able to lie and say their candidates are super popular and the majority anymore. Winning a primary when you are incumbent and have 300 times more money than all of the other candidates and then bragging about it is kind of like bragging about beating up a quadriplegic kid then saying you are really tough and popular. Also, probably don't want to spend all of the money alienating your base and proving you are a career corrupt sociopath in a year when everyone loathes crony politics.
Wait Quarantines work? They can't possibly work. If only there was something that we could do to quarantine a nation of infected on a disease that only lasts for a month.
Largest amount of money spent on a Senator campaign whose job pays $160,000 a year. Who ever wins I am certain it won't be the American people. I am certain the people will be justly serviced by these two candidates who won't be beholden to people who invest in candidates for the sole purpose of benefiting humanity.
Is he talking about the science of profiting off crisis? Because if he is I consider him and the democrats the world's experts at it.
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Is It As Close As That?

JasonCharleston Wrote: Oct 25, 2014 10:48 AM
If there was truth there is no way the Democratic party would ever win an election. But the Washingtonian Republican strategy is always call the most corrupt people on the planet misguided Mother Theresas. Seriously. That was their strategy. Who could possibly win against such a strategy. Also, during the primaries, Mitt Romney and Washingtonian will constantly vilify their own base then wonder in order to win the primary then cry fowl when their own base isn't motivated to vote for them. Dodo birds deserved their survival more than the Washingtonian Republicans.
You mean like the science of quarantines actually working? Or walls keeping out illegal immigrants? Or single motherhood causing all of the social inequality between blacks and whites? You mean that science or the liberal science of Man causing non existent global warming? What an Alice in Wonderland Joke these people are.
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