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What a disgusting human being. He makes Al Gore look good when it comes to using government to enrich oneself. No one likes a parasite.
His Money people are Jeb Bush's Money people and they like Jeb Bush a lot more. I can't imagine this person running unless it is to prop up Jeb Bush.
The Washingtonian GOP derives all of their power from government. It's really not that difficult to figure out that they benefit from the growth of government just as much as Democrats do. And if this is so the answer for their "fear" to act becomes extraordinarily obvious unless you believe they are Mother Theresa incarnate and wish to castrate their own power for the good of all. No, they don't fear repealing health care one bit.
PH, You're right. It's Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Have fun munching on your anti-anxiety drugs...you take them because you are too at peace with yourself and too intelligent.
PH, You do know you are the party of Rev. Wright, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Rev. Jesse Jackson? You're a mockery of intelligent thought. Trolls have only one intention. To pretend to have any other does a disservice to the truth which you pretend to care so much about would not not recognize it if slapped you in the face. How could you? You make leaps of logic like believing government can accomplish everything and admit the Daley Machine is corrupt. A person of actual logic and reason could combine the two and say gosh, this probably isn't a good idea. You my friend don't have a rational thought going through that thick head of yours. How could you? You take anti-anxiety drugs and anti-depression medication because your mind is so weak it dances from feeling superior (without having ever accomplished anything) to feeling horrible. It's only going to get worse. Political History tells me so.
They signed the Corruptus bill which completely took away their power. Fear isn't the right word. Would Charlie Crist tank his own party for money? I think we all know the answer, but don't want to apply that to other even more suspect people. Sorry, but fear is the nice word. We see the special interest money. We see the rot. Don't mince words.
But Jeb Bush spent so much money busing in people to give the illusion of popularity? I feel so bad for the guy. All that money and still no one likes you besides the corrupt. Please stay in your home city of Washington DC the whole election cycle. You'll fit right in.
lois, All Conservatives and Libertarians are a thorn in the side of politicians. Even the best ones we demand a lot from and expect a lot from them. You wouldn't understand. The democratic party is a spoil system party where your masters disperse the funds and your job is to vote...and that's it. It's called having standards. You might want to try it. Every other candidate that you guys elect wouldn't be a rapist.
The Goal of the Corruptus Bill was to secede power to Obama and take all of the power away from Congress. No one could believe otherwise. It was the whole point of the Corruptus Bill. Weirdly, or not so much, Boehner was the person who wrote it and forced Congress to pass it. It sucks when your leaders make Benedict Arnold look honest.
Ummm a woman already got fined and had to close her business because she wouldn't make a cake for two awful human beings who happened to be gay, but probably aren't really gay, but just completely unhappy awful human beings. I feel like you don't know what law is or lawyers or anything about the left movement.
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