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Welfare fraud isn't included. If it was it would be a lot less. Conservatives need to focus on the fraud, not the incompetence. These people are evil and evil must be called evil.
Says the person who posed as libertarian who believed the federal government should force $35 minimum wage.
GW, Sorry we don't dislike McConnell because he pretends to be a very good Republican. It's almost like there are groups called lobbyists who create these ratings as they write these laws to justify the unjustifiably corrupt. We hate corrupt career politicians. We hate Career Republicans slightly less than career Democrats. You can't expect anymore from the non-retarded. You should go to the Huffpost or maybe preach to 3rd graders. You'll have better luck there.
GW, Wasn't your theory that Republicans should run the person most likely to win until you saw the KY poll and realized your own talking points were hurting your talking points? The guy Mitchell McConnell beat in the primaries would have crushed Grimes without having to try. Even with the Washingtonian Republicans and Democrats, and fake libertarian groups running against him. Does Cuccinelli ring a bell? Sorry.
Says the pretend person who supposedly voted for Charlie Crist twice before finally getting with the program...if your story was true. The reason we aren't getting the mainstream of the public is because of career politicians within our own party. Let them go and our outreach programs will flourish even with the mass propaganda coming from the Washingtonian Republican party, the Media, and the democrats. Is being half corrupt like being half pregnant?
Because it is a huge scam that raises the price of education to ridiculous levels. Before no job would need education, but lawyers, doctors and engineers. IQ tests were taken and other information. In order to "help" poor people the left banned such tests and forced poor people to get a college education to get the same exact job. This is how the left "helps" people. They also helped people in China and Russia.
Isn't Carmeron's corrupt, ridiculous government too busy losing Scotland?
Wasn't Egypt our allies? If i was an ally of the United States with the Daley Machine in power I would be very, very quiet. The Daley Machine, they are really good at extortion.
The technology for it absolutely amazing. I have 5 friends that home school and they like is better than the gang recruitment camps that are schools.
If the British government weren't as corrupt and self destructive as ours would this be happening? http://news.yahoo.com/scottish-independence-campaign-lead-vote-icm-poll-210048211.html;_ylt=AwrTWfxzvhRU0Q8AJY7QtDMD
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