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So this moron supports ISIS when they were attacking Syria, and arms them. Then when ISIS realizes Iraq is an easier target and attacks Iraq with weapons and money supplied by the US we attack them. These people actually take themselves seriously is probably the most pathetic thing.
It's kind of like telling the terrorists there are no consequences to their actions? Do we really want to take nuclear weapons off the table if Russia attacked us? Is this kind of like playing poker and showing your whole hand the whole time and expecting to win? This liberal Republicans make the DoDo Bird look like it had great evolutionary skills. Seriously, these people need to go extinct because they are too dumb to live on their own.
No. Basically liberal set up our military to fail and create a forever war. You have to secure the country. People want stability over retardation. In Afghanistan they have to announce that they are going to look at a facility they that is suspected of making bombs and give them 24 hours. There is a reason why we are losing and it isn't because our soldiers suck.
Aren't you being cynical about Ron Paul. Divide and Conquer, Divide and Conquer. How boring. How predictable. Don't you ever tire of it?
Not spending American lives, not spending huge amounts of resources. I am conservative so this is what I like from my representatives. I don't want any new shiny bills. I them all cut.
When you have an organization that profits from crisis then weirdly more crises end up happening as a result. This is natural law at this point. We are just too naive to believe it. The ponzi schemes the Washingtonians have created home are nothing compared to the ponzi schemes they have created abroad. And if you don't believe the Washingtonians care about Americans what makes you think they wouldn't turn any situation into a money laundering scheme? The Middle East could have been solved decades ago and was calming down. Until we gave Israel 5 billion a year to pretend to want peace and HAMAS 1 billion a year to pretend to want peace. Then for the kicker. If peace is ever acheived we will immediately stop giving money to the elites in each group. The Forever War that we are responsible for.
tbmuzz, Empires fall from within not by external forces. Also, if you don't trust people to run Medicare, Social Security or anything how can you trust them to run a foreign policy that doesn't accomplish the opposite of its intent. Until you can explain your mental hypocrisy I am going to be an isolationist. Because I don't trust the Daley Machine to do anything correctly except extortion, blackmail, or turning any program into a money making scheme that lasts forever.
But isn't that point...or rather the pointlessness of it? 20 years of good will can be erased in one Presidency. Wouldn't having a rational domestic energy policy that would stop incentizing and enriching brutal sociopaths to be better and more brutal sociopaths be a better strategy. Washington DC must know this. But there is no money in it for them.
Along as the American people continuously hire sociopath as leaders I will be ardent Ron Paul supporter on foreign policy. How can anyone not be given the situation in Washington DC. We don't trust these people to run our affairs, but we trust these people to run world affairs? No. You either trust these people or you don't.
Does anyone want to raise money for my rich liberal gun control challenge? If a rich liberal goes to Ferguson to run a 7/11 for 10 days without a gun then I will become pro gun control. If they die or leave for any reason then I don't have to become a pro-gun control person. Oh and they have to put up a Guns Free Zone in the 7/11 they are operating. Put your money where your mouth is rich liberals...oh wait. You only like laws that get other people killed so you can pretend to be moral.
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