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Again: Obama Misses Another Budget Deadline

JasonCharleston Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 7:37 PM
In other news the Kabuki Theater that is Mitch McConnell and Boehner will probably filibuster Hagel. They won't do it for something actually useful like taxes and regulations and pretty much anything, but the Hagel nomination...but the Hagel nomination is such a serious issue for them, they are willing to filibuster Hagel. Did I mention he is glorified call forwarding for what the President actually believes? These people are disgusting. Mitch McConnell is up for re-election. The Democrats are trying to get the biggest loser which is either Mitch or a pretend Tea Party candidate. Hopefully our Tea Party is rallying up there.

We've known this failure was forthcoming for some time, but it's still worth flagging for several reasons, which we'll get to momentarily.  First, the basics:

Monday marked the deadline set in law for President Obama to submit a budget, but he missed it — making this the fourth time in his five years in office that he's failed to submit the blueprint on time. That makes his record equal to the three previous presidents combined, who spanned 20 years in office. This year, Mr. Obama blamed the late passage of his tax increase deal early last month....