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What tolerance?! The only TOLERANCE these animals at GLAAD are guilty of is being TOLERANT of the murders of homosexuals in a Mosque who DARED to want the Mosque to marry them! They are so TOLERNAT of this they REFUSE to do anything about it! Or if Muslims REFUSE to hire a homosexual to work at an Islamixc restraunt! Oh, but CHick-fill-a better hire 'em or the homosexuals will have a kiss-in! try having a kiss-in at an ISLAMIC restraunt you hypocrites!
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Clouds Over Obama's Second Term

Jason95 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 6:50 AM
uh, no the slogan should be, either from his first campaign "I really tried not to get elected but the voters made me do it," or his secodn term "I gess free cell phones for a re-election really does work!" Can yo imaine the one that came up with that idea, "Mr. President just offer free cell phones you're sure to get re-elected!" I'd love to see what really happened behind closed doors when that was suggested
Now if we conservatives can come out with an online video ame that disarms SS oops I mean secret servicepeople, and all state and civilian authorities completely! a game where you can take any of these people's weapons, whether the be guns, tazers, shields, or anything these hypocrites can se to say 'it's part of my uniform!' Let's make it a complete weapons ban then draw attention to it! See how fast Barry and Joe are willing to hide behind their thugs then!
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Obama's Electronic Medical Records Scam

Jason95 Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 9:41 AM
of course it is a scam, but all those people who got those real cool looking phones for voting Obama! Some of those actually work and weren't empty boxes for a photo-op, eh, okay maybe a few of them, right? Has Baracka Claus given the Hurricane Sandy victims their free phones yet?! I'm sure he can fit down the chimney's after all he is not Michael Moore(on) he's still pretty slim! hee hee
But where oh where is a homsexual Koran I ask you?! Why does Islam get to get away with such bigotry and facism as to not be forced to marry two men or two women?! Where is the offical Elton John Almighty Homosexual stance on this?! When oh when will he take a music tour to Iran and bring Ellen Degenerate with special guest Cher?! How closed minded can you homosexal bullies really be?! hee hee
Hey, how about we shout WINDMILLS NOT OIL SPILLS?! I'm sure that will make the high gas problem in America go away!!!!
HEY NAALCP isn;t that PROFILING?! Hee hee
Will Obama hunt himself for how he treated George Zimmerman, I mean he is HISPANIC or are they not a minority to be worshiped?! Yes, I know, how dare he survive the attack of Trayvon martin and fight back in a duel to the death, how dare the racist bigoted coroner say Martin had bruised knuckles!!! I guess if it's between a liberal blac boy (the only kind that matter, apparently conservative blacks boys don;t count) and a HIspanic, the Hispanic needs to let the Bloack teenager win and kill him or the Hispanic will wish he had, and get killed twice by law! Then hollywood will get in the act, Spike Lee, will get a Hispanics parents address wrong, bt don;t worry it will be corrected by Rosanne Barr! I guess Moochelle isn;t serios abot obesity!
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Hey, Boston: Leave Chick-fil-A Alone

Jason95 Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 10:19 AM
Boston, I'll maa deal with you, I will only boycott Chick-Fil-A, when you find me a homosexual Muslim couple that's accepted by the Muslim community! You continue to insist Christians be 'sensitive' to Homosexuals, so find me just 1 homosexual couple, man couple or woman, that goes to Mosque on a regular basis, and the Mosqe knows and approves of THIER lifestyle, I will boycott Chick-Fil-A, until then shut your mouths, and stop the hate when your too cowardly to go after Muslims, for what yo are against, i.e. beating wives to death, hatred of homosexuals, hatred of Jews, etc. Show your cowardice somewhere else!
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