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Newt Out? Gingrich Cancels North Carolina Trip

Jason709 Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 10:54 PM
Gingrich has to get his ego in check and accept that there's a winner and a loser in these things and he lost. Newt is burning bridges like with Fox News. Everytime he put out a book he pushed it on Fox. Get out before you hurt your chances to make money Newt!!
Rodiebird Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 10:24 AM
Newt has always shown he has the most to offer in heling this country. It became evident from the beginning of the political race that Fox greatly favored Romney, East Coast Elite! To those of us who see the qualities of Newt, it was discouraging! What person doesn't have something in his past, that he wishes he would have differently...Newt has been very open about that. No ONE can say to me that Mitt Romney is brighter and will do better than Newt as President of this country!!!

Is Newt Gingrich giving up the ghost? His presidential campaign is deeply in debt, his popularity has waned significantly, and everyone in America (besides him) clearly recognizes that Mitt Romney has won the Republican nomination. Yet he's persisted, trying desperately to frame himself as the "conservative alternative" to Romney's "Massachusetts Moderate."

But the campaign has just cancelled its appearances in North Carolina, and speculation has ignited that the former Speaker of the House is preparing to exit the race.

Sources told NewsChannel 36 Gingrich has canceled all of his appearances in North Carolina next week.