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This is many millennials prospective on how to survive in the current state of the economy! They believe past generations have totally screwed them and their best way to survive is tax everyone that is older, lonelier or richer than them! They look at it as if they are entertainment and a second set of hands around a home or community with no job, so a tax must be levied for their presence to anyone older and or richer than them! Basically, you buy them things , and they entertain and help you in today's anti-social environment! I heard this from the horse's mouth!
Reminds me of the Odumbot, "If I had a son" speech!
You don't get it! Those are "act's of love" Jebby is proud of his Grand Pappy's vision of a "New World Order" and PROUDLY follows and supports the GARBAGE!
A couple "yes men" there, problem solved!!
Come one, come all, to the land of plenty, where if you DON'T want to work all you have to do is become part of the DEMONcrat mob, and you will hurt for nothing! You would think that the BONEHEAD'S in Rep party would jump all over this issue, but they have the SAME marching orders as Obama, and neither would want to upset their ELITIST owners applecart, the "Chamber of Communist's, CFR, Media Matters, and the many OTHER traitor's to American citizens!
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Free Fall: GDP Plummets to 0.1 Percent

Jason562 Wrote: May 27, 2014 4:34 PM
The sad part is the lie, that being it is ONLY up .1% point, the truth is over the last 20+ quarters it has been in the RED and has NOT once been in the black!!!
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Who is President Obama's Pick To Run HUD?

Jason562 Wrote: May 24, 2014 11:07 AM
Another Mexican to head up one of the largest government giveaways, to the worthless of our once great nation! If you want to see our future just visit any Mexican barrio or black slum in your area! I would hate to live in one of these leach infested area's when the blood finally dries up and they have to go savaging for food and shelter in other area's!!!
Young people are intelligent and hard working??? TOTAL BS!!! I been around many of them and most don't even know why you come to work, that being to ACCOMPLISH something! Most today would rather live in mommy and daddies place, playing video games, than make an effort to improve their life...PERIOD!!
I just went to three other conservative website's, American Thinker, American Spectator and Human Events and not a word or article on this "HUGE" story! We have witnessed an "almost" complete blackout on this, as expected from the TOTALLY corrupt MSM, but a blackout from the three previous websites I mentioned, is more than shocking!!!!
Anything out of the dingy Harry camp on these "criminal allegations"??? O' brother Harry, Where art thou???
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