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Chris Christie for President?

Jason425 Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 1:47 PM
Your right. Christie bad mouths conservatives all the time. Christie didn't help Cuccinelli. Why not if he says he's a conservative? He didn't fight ACA in Jersey. Hope the GOP can find a better option.
Yeah I think Weiner should definitely pull out..............................of the race.
118,521 votes counted in St Lucie. Total overall votes counted 312,000 votes (160K to 158K) 175,000 register voters. Divide by 2 and its 87,500 voters in St Lucie. Still over.
Divide by two and it's way over in St Lucie. 175,554 divided by 2 = 87,777 registered voters. 118,521 votes counted in St Lucie. Goodness people!!
Doesn't add up. Results 160,000 votes to 158,000 votes. The overages listed in St Lucie don't make sense because they're over to total result.
We'll it is kind of the point of having drone is that we don't lose pilots. We have a dead Ambassador in Benghazi leading directly to the White House and no one really seemed to mind, so this won't matter.
Too bad Joe Soptic's wife didn't have Obamacare. Obama could have gotten a fine from her for not having health insurance before she died. That's real Democrat compassion.
Invest in propane, gold, and shotguns
Too bad Obamacare couldn't collect a fine from her before she died for not having insurance. Real compassion.
If he would have had Obamacare he could have at least gotten a FINE! That's REAL Compassion.
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