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Busted: Team Obama Caught in Blatant Lie About 'Cancer' Ad

Jason425 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 6:38 PM
Invest in propane, gold, and shotguns
Lance61 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 6:53 PM
I certainly don't like feeling this way, but the fun meter is just about pegged, and I'm to the point where use of reason and tact with these worms is BEYOND useless.
StillStandingHisGround Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 6:43 PM
Lance61, Jason425:

The same thought has been occurring to ME as well: what happens once the lies lose their resonance and Obama sees more and more a second term slipping away from him?

What does he do THEN?

Although I think you've seen enough from me by now on this site on this topic to know what I believe about how any attempt by Obama to either stop the presidential election altogether or nullify it if he loses is going to end for him if he's stupid enough to try going here.
Lance61 Wrote: Aug 08, 2012 6:42 PM
I LOVE my extremely DIVERSE arsenal!

Step one - The Obama campaign claims no knowledge of Joe Soptic's story while refusing to denounce a shockingly offensive and false political ad produced by their former colleague's pro-Obama SuperPAC:

Asked about the Priorities spot on MSNBC Wednesday morning, Robert Gibbs said he doesn’t “know the specifics” while Stephanie Cutter said on CNN: “I don’t know the facts about when Mr. Soptic’s wife got sick or the facts about his health insurance.” And Jen Psaki told reporters on Air Force...