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Where the hell is Obummer? This shows he is a muslim and doesn't give a damn about any christian. May he rot in hell real soon.
So have I. One was a nun that abused me so much that I never forgot it to this day. And then there are the many good nuns that has to make up for the bad ones.
What are you smoking that's destroying your brain. People are out of work and they don't want to be an idiot collecting welfare. You must be kissing Obummer's a$$.
And I thought all Hawaiians were dumb. I guess not, because even the kanakas don't like Obamacare. They finally got wise that it was a loser. Aloha and Mahalo for showing that you have some brains to figure this out.
This is why I switched out of the Republican party and became Independent. Just another politician who's out to fatten his pocketbook….screw the people.
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Five Food-Stamp Myths

Jasmine14 Wrote: Dec 15, 2013 4:03 PM
You deserve food stamps and all the help you can get. I live in a building where Iranian immigrants get welfare, food stamps, medical, etc. How in the hell did they get here??? Americans have been out of a job for years and they will not give food stamps even tho there homes are paid for….they want you t sell your home, furnishings, car and then they'll give you help. Why are we paying taxes for? For the lazy blacks who feel we owe them, the foreigner who knows how to work the system, the illegal that they feel they should help on our dollar? We need to have an uprising and get rid of demoncraps like Piglosi, Dirty Harry, mad Maxine waters and don't forget Obummer too.
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Remembering Stanley Ann Dunham Obama

Jasmine14 Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 12:21 PM
I knew he was nothing but a liar and Mia was absolutely correct. To think that we have many dumb Americans who won't do the research or read the books that he wrote….
How are we going to be a non-person? Is he going to kill us? Is that why he's been storing all those plastic coffins across the country? God will send him to the devil so quick he won't be able to say HELP.
He is just an idiot. Just another way to flush this country down the tube. The ivory could have been placed in a museum. He just wants to show off his power…for just how long, no one knows.
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