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Read Saul Alynsky's Rules for Radicals. It is a common tactic for Left wing Social engineers to juxtapose real villains in history with those you wish to ridicule for not towing the party line you want to cultivate in the public eye. Did you get that bit of intel from the SPLC? If so it's not credible.
Or over eaters that failed Jenny Craig, the list if context in absurdums just goes on.
David the hypocrisy of the LGBT movement on this issue is that if a guy who has been married to a woman his whole life and has three kids suddenly decides to come out of the closet he is cheered and celebrated for being true to who he is. But if a out and proud "gay" guy decides to come out of the closet as desiring to marry, love, and have childr4en with a woman (the only way that it still happens even today) he is shouted down and treated as a traitor/phony/ acting in total self-denial and otherwise ignored. So therapy does not always succeed 100%, no form of physiological therapy has that success rate. The comparison is valid, let's put together a group to sue AA meeting for any alcoholics that didn't succeed in kicking their habit.
Yes but don't you see that in making that comparison you have just admitted that sodomy is you/their religion? I pose a question for you to ponder then, How are homosexual sex acts comparable to religious practice and worship?
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The Church is Not a Closet

jash Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 11:48 PM
Kathy, please find a better complaint. And don't resort the the " all Christians that are faithful to their beliefs are all mean" retort, it's worthless. to make a reversal, Brown telling it like it is seems to inspire emotionalist outrage from you ALL THE TIME. It is stunning how consistent that is. The only one offended by telling the truth are the ones living a lie Kathy. I say this in compassion to you Kathy, face yourself in the mirror and realize just where that outrage is really coming from.
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Can a Muslim Lead the Christian Campus Club?

jash Wrote: Apr 06, 2012 11:15 AM
That's the point here, nobody would elect them, so they just go to court and cry discrimination and sue to get their way instead. That is the kind of back door shenanigans that are being perpetrated my the prosecutors that pushed for these court cases. It has nothing to do with constitutionalism and everything to do with enforcing sociopolitical correctness.
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