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A liberal that I know made this comment after watching the movie "Gravity": Man, that must have been hard to shoot that movie in outer space! ...and she was a serious as a heart attack! But, when you have liberal congressmen thinking that too many people on Guam could make the island tip over, what do you expect?
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How to Fight Sexual Assault

JarheadRVN70 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 4:39 PM
Please, do not compare our brave young warriors in Afghanistan with punk, selfish, elitist athletes who think they are entitled to whatever they want because they can play a game. The athletes are not even in the same league with our young, brave warriors.
Maybe their mother was easy...just like they seem to be.
Sounds like Lucy Flores comes from a family of H0s. But then again when I was in college the easiest bimbos to get in the sack WERE liberals!
Abort democrats, not babies.
O.K., let's compromise. Keep the children and deport the Bangladesh. Let those American-hating third world cruds live large there!
I would not be surprised if the liberals blamed President Bush for that, too!
Patricia is just angry because Bill Clinton rejected her...and he has no standards whatsoever!
Actually, it is young, liberal coeds who suck. Dated quite a few in college and ALL of them were easy, easy, easy!
Get hosed, punk. YOU invite these uneducated, disease invaders to YOUR house and you use YOUR money to support these invading vermin. You are such an ignorant, leftist knob.
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