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Is this woman really this stupid or does she practice?
Losing is winning? This bimbo must have played liberal soccer as a child where no one keeps score, everyone gets a trophy and they all eat ice cream afterwards. Wendy- you LOSE, you loser!
Excellent point. I stand corrected! :)
But look on the bright side...the gansters shot will never get anymore welfare and they will not get to vote democrat.
This judge was most likely a product of @n@l sex.
NOW is nothing but a bunch of ugly, hagged-out losers who could not get any action in a blind, senior lesbian bar. What a pitiful bunch.
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Dumb & Dumber

JarheadRVN70 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 11:39 AM
Cecile Richards is a typical leftist idiot. She equates access to someone else paying for it. Man, these people are ignorant, LYING knobs.
Al Sharpton is the poster boy of the left: a lying, racist, ignorant knob.
This is nothing but a full-on assault on America by diseased, illiterate, unwanted illegal aliens...and it is 100% supported by the corrupt liberals in this administration.
Hey Hemera, why don't YOU open YOUR home and YOUR wallet to these illegal criminal invaders? Yeah, just as I thought. You liberal idiots are only generous with other peoples money. These people have NO RIGHT to be here. Send them back. Now, go ahead and call me names since that is what you liberals are so good at.
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