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Apparently you have your head up your liberal hiney.
They also think that Mooochelle is skinny, Piglosi is pretty and Biden is a genius.
It is not a matter of "want", it is a matter of what is legal. I want a Ferrari...but, I do not have one.
The Pope is nothing more than the elected head of a church...just like the Baptists, Methodists et al. Let the Catholic church sell some of its vast holdings to support these border invaders. It is NOT a duty of the American taxpayer to support these illegal invaders.
Your problem is that your head is so far up Obama's hiney that you need a plexiglas belly button so you can see out. Would you call that transparency?
This guy is a bigger liar than the last one.
Only a leftist, stinking racist like Holder would say something so dumb. Is that all you have, Eric? Get a grip, knob.
If the stinking, arrogant, baby-killing, leftist liberals are howling, then the decision was correct.
What are you...in third grade, pal.
You are what is irrelevant. You are a legend in your own small world, pal.
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