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But, if it was a pro-abortion t-shirt there would not have been a problem. liberals are such idiot and losers!
This is just another liberal sack of dog poop who has to lie. what a knob.
This Police Superintendent is an absolute moron and totally inept. But, then again he is also a liberal pinhead with his nose up the Obumbler's hiney.
"you gonna shoot me..."? This idiot is just another ignorant liberal jackwad.
Pull your head out of your hiney next time you want to speak, knob.
Yeah, it is to the people who have to listen to this narcissistic, arrogant knob.
James: I could not care less about any Clinton. They are all scum.
The baby will be just another prop for the Hidabeast to use in 2016.
And you would have gone stark raving crazy had they no run an ad for some hiney-boffing perverts.
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