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Are you familiar with the term "butthair"? Meyers is what hangs off of them!
Talk is cheap, Arizona. Get to the polls and kick this guy OUT!!
And you prove you are racist every time you post your liberal, anti-white crud.
Detroit: run by liberal, criminal blacks for the last 50 years. Yeah, that makes it whitey's fault you jackwagon.
He should have asked Crowley if she had ever met a jelly donut that she did not eat. What a liberal pig.
Cummings is just another stinking, lying, liberal Congressional Black Carcass member who only knows how to play the race card. For him to do anything else would take brains...which he does not have.
Why do you hate America, you knob?
Another member of the Congressional Black Carcass is shown to be a liar? That is not breaking news; that is a daily occurrence.
Hey Eric, I am a gun owner so why don't you get some magnetic lipstick, kiss my hiney and then use your technology to track your lip imprint, you knob.
This is a "woman" so vile that even Bill Clinton (who has the lowest standards possible) will not boff her.
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