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One question not asked was how do we get Mexico to release our young Marine held in jail there for making a wrong turn on a freeway offramp. Apparently the large one is as little interested as the commander in chief. At least trying to do something on this issue would have given him a great boost-ignoring it says a great deal too! He's probably more focused on bridge closings to punish those not supporting him.
Well Obama is probably just practicing Taqiyya. Taqiyya was originally a disposition given to shia muslims under prosecution by Sunni's to save themselves. Today is is widely used by all muslims to deceive non-belivers in order to advance the cause of global jihad. So when a muslim leader or Obama goes to the mike to say how unrepresentative violence is of the religion of peace remember that that peace is only for believers, remember that the Qur'an admonishes true believers to fight against the non-believers even though it may be against their nature and remember Taqiyya. One does wonder why, with all the islamic violence in the world, so few leaders know anything about the Qur'an. Or in Obama's case-perhaps too much.
Let's understand something.Frank Fahrenkopf may be a Republican but EVERY debate moderator was a lib. Every one. Why? Is the country so totally liberal that a conservative moderator would be offensive? Mr. Fahrenkopf needed to be a man and insist on SOME balance in the moderating and in the location-which were all liberally biased too. And don't forget that Candy made it clear before the debate that she would play by her own rules and ignore those agreed to by both candidates. At THAT point she should have been put aside. What the hell did Romney and Frank Fahrenkopf expect after those comments. You simply cannot respect a process that allows someone like Candy to moderate.
Watched Hagel's nomination hearing and he said that 1968 was our worst year in Viet Nam. Caught me off guard because while it may have been one of our worst for casualties it was on of our best militarily-we kicked the snot out of the enemy, big time. I was there. The fact is that the more you engage the enemy the higher the probable casualties. Hagel's focus is casualties. Hagel's comment leaves me believing that he would be extremely reluctant to commit troops to combat because of the risk of casualties. A Secretary of Defense must be able face the reality of casualties in planning and in execution. I respect Hagel's service to his country but I believe he has a blind spot regarding casualties that disqualifies him from the job.
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Uncertainty Paralysis

Jarhead1 Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 11:11 AM
"Would I start or expand a business without knowing what regulations or taxes government will impose next year?" This question implies that Obama has any idea how business operates, what questions to ask and what the answer might be. He has no experience at anything except community organizing, writing autobiographies and admiring himself in the mirror. So don't expect him to suddenly have any self doubt or potential for recognizing the error of his ways. He has associated with fools, been tutored by fools, selected a VP whose a fool and is himself a fool. God help us if we can't find enough American's left in November to toss the fool out.
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