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How Republicans Can Find Themselves

JAR1000 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 4:22 PM
As every parent knows you can try to teach your children some lessons based on your experience which often doesn't work or let them make mistake and learn from their mistakes. Republicans tried to explain to the general population how the economy works and how the current spending trends are unsustainable. Also how important the military is in a dangerous world. They weren't paying attention. If we can't convince the electorate to vote for a president who supports policies that make the economy solvent and the country safe then the country is going to face some tough times ahead. The people who voted for Obama will soon find out what they have done.
Stuart95 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 5:44 PM
It's not even certain if 50% of voters care to learn, or know, anything about sustainable economics, the size of government, or a responsible role in world affairs. BO spent $6,000,000,000,000 we didn't have to RAISE unemployment - yet he still won handily. If BO voters didn't realize their mistake before re-electing him, what makes you think they'll have a spontaneous change of heart?

We need some of those Dem voters to change their minds, but evidence is that they need loud noises and pretty colors to attract their attention. There is nothing in the Repub playbook that will do the trick, ergo they need a new playbook. If there is a better idea than the principles of libertarianism, I haven't heard it.

Soul-searching is not in the GOP’s blood. Many Republicans see themselves as stoic, rugged and hardworking individuals. But after twice losing the White House to an ex-community organizer and failing to mobilize the base, Republicans need to take a trip to a mountainous valley, sip some tea and meditate.

In the quiet of nature, I think Republicans would find that the solutions to winning lie within themselves. After my own reflection, I developed three key insights into how the GOP can win presidential elections going forward:

#1 Keep an open mind

Early on, talking heads like Ann Coulter disparaged Romney...