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What Will It Take to Wake Jews Up?

JapesMacFarLand Wrote: Sep 08, 2012 8:44 AM
Yet your sarcasm rings hollow, or doesn't work, because you're missing so many other, relating points and arguments and beliefs that contradict your presumptions about why they hold those beliefs. The only people who would take what you wrote seriously are those who don't know of what you speak. Anyway, it's true what Dennis says. Those on the Left are far more unaware of the the POV of their ideological opponents that we are of yours.

The citizens of San Francisco will be voting on a proposition that seeks to ban circumcision in that city. Though I am strongly opposed to the proposition, if it passes, some good may come of it.

Let me explain. I am a passionate advocate of Jewish ritual known as the brit (often pronounced bris) -- the ritual circumcision of 8-day-old Jewish boys. I am even an advocate of circumcision generally. I was recently in Africa -- in Zimbabwe and Zambia -- where I delivered mosquito nets and seeds to the poorest of Africa's poor. I saw giant billboards there,...