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Yet you can't answer (or defend against) the gist of his original post, can you?
Brilliant! I have not seen this put or said so concisely, anywhere. Thanks :)
Yet your sarcasm rings hollow, or doesn't work, because you're missing so many other, relating points and arguments and beliefs that contradict your presumptions about why they hold those beliefs. The only people who would take what you wrote seriously are those who don't know of what you speak. Anyway, it's true what Dennis says. Those on the Left are far more unaware of the the POV of their ideological opponents that we are of yours.
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Democrats Shaking in Their Boots

JapesMacFarLand Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 2:36 AM
I can't find the comment you're talking about??
If Aiken doesn't step down, and contributes to the Left winning the Presidential election coming up, then there will be far, far less beautiful success stories as you've shared. They will more likely have never been given the chance. That is the point.
Because the Left will continue to lynch him for his careless comments, he will lose his State, and could hurt the chances of getting the Left out of the White House. So you see, Carlos, she is not lynching him, rather saying that because the Left has lynched him, for the good of others he should step aside as the Senatorial candidate. Do you get it now? Or are you just a troll?
She's saying that he should step down *because* the leftist media will never let it go, and so greatly hurt his chances of being elected. (That's called critical thinking, and someone leftists aren't taught in their secular left controlled, State run schools, lol ;)
She's right, though. He should step down, because staying in could hurt many, many others presuming he'll lose the election and hurt the chances of ousting the Left from White House. Most know it isn't fair (as Ann wrote at the end of her article) yet that's how it is, and Akin should know this. He works for something bigger than himself. If I were him I'd accentuate that I meant no harm, but for the good of my country I should step down. Why won't he do this?
Did your restaurant ask you if your world view and values were akin to Leftism or Americanism? Did they ask you if submit to the bureaucratic collective, statist?
That's it.
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Random Thoughts

JapesMacFarLand Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 11:32 PM
What a great thought! I wonder if he'd do would be a sacrifice that's for sure. How Bush was ravaged is nothing compared to the next guy/s (non Leftists) who get in. The divide has been amping up since Clinton, especially, (in my experience..)
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