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FEMA camps they've built in the last few years, may have been in anticipation of this? They can indoctrinate the kids living there (think hitler youth) over time to fight in the coming civil war, with hollow point bullets, etc. etc. I mean, we've been wondering what's up with all that, (and many other things), and now I wonder about this.
In nutshell, these illegals, or most of them, are going to be sent to Fema camps and indoctrinated, in part to fight in the coming civil war. Just a theory, but it could explain why they've been building all these "camps" lately, buying all those hollow point bullets, already not allowing reporters or governors access to what's happening, etc. etc.?
What about old stories, or pre-election offenses, that were unknown by the people that elected the politician; but become more known about now?
You've got it backwards. The core of conservative believe relates to individualism in conjunction with the virtues, or one's character. As Dennis says, "The bigger the government the smaller the citizen." So it is you statists, or leftists, who believe that the bigger the government the better for the citizen, who must hold to that ideology by demonizing the *personhood* of any who disagree with you. As you have done in this thread. Without truth on your side, statist, all you have is violent, bigoted emotion. Or, better said, The only rule in hell is, I am my own. Good luck with that, leftist.
Your open, public dreams about murdering people are here on-line forever, you leftist, hate filled, racist, bigoted creep.
No whining. You know he's right., some just come to annoy and be nonsensical. Isn't that right?
You are a leftist who would abandon millions to genocide, and who does not see the USA as a good country, only powerful. You'd have us keep our power by ceasing to be good. Despicable, and almost as bad as the communist left.
You bloodthirsty leftists love war., that's why Dems have started more wars than R's, and it's why you've held back the US from exploiting her natural resources and have kept us dependent on countries that hate us. To be a true leftist, like yourself, is to be hard hearted, and someone who views the world through a racial, gender and class lens (instead of right and wrong.) You materialists are so shallow you may as well be robots, or zombies. Creepy stuff, but it still doesn't give you a right to lie as you have. Liars are inherently bad people; as are you racists, Leftist.
The likely reason you hate Jews is because you hate Jesus. Let's be honest. :)
Newt, if you're intellectually honest, you will have to admit that just as single parenthood was once frowned upon and then not, and gay coupling was frowned upon, etc, etc. so can things change to include polygamy and incestual marriage; and even animal love. Why not? Are you such a prude that you can't even imagine it being the norm in our society? And why so averse to delve into the core of the issue, as to it's potential consequences on the cohesiveness of societies foundational institution, the family? Is that assertion of mine offensive to you? If you disagree that a solid family is not priority one for a society (including but not ideally between gay couples. The issue first, of course, is stability and care.) why?
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