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Harry Reid's Big Mouth

Never Again Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 3:08 PM
Remember Little Timmy out in Searchlight who had an immigrant friend? Little Timmy grew up and now gives secret information to Harry...funny thing, Little Timmy is invisible to others....
Whenever a name Republican says something stupid or indefensible or arguably both, for the next three days folks will open a conversation by asking me (the only Republican they know) what I think about the latest GOP gaffe.

That standard does not apply when Democrats talk out of turn -- even when they make unsupportable accusations deliberately. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did just that when he told The Huffington Post that an unnamed Bain Capital investor told him Mitt Romney "didn't pay taxes for 10 years."

Romney denies the charge. PolitiFact rated Reid's unsubstantiated claim as "pants on fire" false...