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What do you know? I have many Swiss friends and work with some too. You say what you want.
You are mixing apples with kumquats.
Yeah, because you are a tyrant and don't care about our Constitution nor our rights and freedoms. Leftists are control-freaks who want to make people do what THEY want even if they don't want to. And you are a prime example of a TYRANT.
exactly!! She is silly, isn't she?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You are insane...
You are evil...
It wouldn't be a problem but he ALWAYS interjects himself into every tragedy there is.
I still don't know if he really is a natural born citizen though. I have no way to know that given the circumstances. He was native born, but how do we know he is natural born?
But if the birth certificate IS a fake, then that means Obama presented false legal documents and that is an impeachable offense in itself.
But I don't believe Obama Sr. was his father. He looks NOTHING like any of the Obama family. He looks almost exactly like Frank Marshall Davis though. I think they wanted to hide his true parentage long ago.
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