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Sort of!! So-called "Progressives" believed in creating a "better world" where "undesirables" (i.e. people of color, the poor, the handicapped, etc.) were no longer around. That is why they supported not only abortion and birth control, but also eugenics and forced sterilization. Oh, they will claim they no longer believe those things but they do. This is why they support things like UN Agenda 21, the phony climate change garbage, population control, every green agenda, and various other ideas and legislative policies that are designed to limit population and destroy economic prosperity among the masses.
Well, how about a conservative hispanic lesbian? Is that better? Certainly true.
They sure have a lot of stupid joker cards, don't they?
He is not a socialist. He is a communist! He is a corrupt tyrant like all lefties are. What did the people expect?? Are they truly THAT stupid?? Yes, there is a sucker born every minute!
WMDs have been confirmed. I guess you didn't see the news.
Reid has been engaging in election fraud since 1979 (which is a documented case). Nobody elected him honestly. Besides bussing in voters, he did have the unions force their membership to vote for him or lose their jobs. He is evil.
She is always angry because she is a typical, miserable leftist who wants everyone else to be miserable. Leftists are losers who do not fit into regular society. They have low self-esteem and so they want to control everyone else and make everyone else miserable. The first Wookie is no exception...she is miserable an angry. That is why she couldn't be proud of her country until they elected her husband.
She was more aware of her "blackness" because she had a chip on her shoulder and a low self-esteem. She has problems with accepting who she is for some reason. She can't look beyond superficial things like skin color. Though I do agree that the only blackness she should be aware of is the blackness of her heart. No, conservatives are not the ones obsessed with race, skin color or any other silly, irrelevant physical characteristic--it is only the lefties and Democrats who are the real racists and bigots. They always have to put people into categories and label them. Leftism is an ideology for losers. These are miserable people who want to put down others and hurt others to make themselves feel better. That is why so many are tyrants and control freaks. They never could fit in with society or the competitiveness of human nature, so they have to manipulate and find ways to make people bow down to them. Leftism is for the maladjusted and inept. If any of those losers really wanted to make something of themselves without hurting others, they would no longer subscribe to leftist ideology.
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