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House Republicans better have their "pen and their phone" on hand to start defunding every bill they can to keep the government's already out of control budget.
The government should get "our" money back from those contractors who failed to build a functioning website.
Sorry, my mistake, I should have used my calculator and took the time to do the math.
Wouldn't it have cost less to give a million dollars to the 40,000 people they needed to enroll in their program? It would have been much better and cheaper for the government to just give each American family a million dollars to buy their own health care wherever they chose to buy their health insurance policy than to enroll them into Obamacare.
Hopefully the libertarians who plan to vote for the third party realize that they might very well get McAuliffe. Ken Cuccinelli could surely use their votes in such a tight election as this. Hope we all have learned when we lost Mitt Romney and got you know who again in 2012!
Whoops, sorry, Retraction, I meant 1/6 of the economy.
Do those people who signed up for Medicaid in Obamacare realize that they are going to receive substandard care since many doctors refuse to accept Medicaid patients? Ironic that the Democrats refused to grandfather in those people who were satisfied and paying for their own insurance and who are now losing their health care insurance because the Democrats believe those policies to be substandard. What hypocrisy; they should have admitted they wanted the single payer policy from the beginning instead of costing us 1/3 of the economy.
Why is it that he doesn't realize he is talking about his own party, the Democrats, and the liberal media? Oh, that's right, he must also think that Pres. Obama is a Republican, as some of who Rush calls the "low information voters" believe. Chris Plante says, "Amazing times we live in". He is so right!
Congress needs to stop raising taxes on the American people and start working on cutting waste and fraud before taking any more money from those who pay your salaries!
Wouldn't you call that fraudulent?
No one to blame but the Democrats and Obama. They built this and they own it.
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