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She would have been shut down by the Mainstream Media years ago had she been Sheryl Atkinson.
Congressman Wilson was right six years ago.
This works for me, including Alan West as Sec. Of Defense. Donald Trump for Secretary of State? China might not like that.
No Republican in Congress voted for this bill. Most of the American people asked Congress to "kill this bill!", but the Democrats in Congress passed this bill in the dead of night. So who is Jonathan Gruber calling "stupid"? It was not us! They lied and manipulated their power and now Congress should expose this fraudulent bill for what it is. Obamacare should be thrown out and repealed because of the dishonesty by which it was passed.
So much for protecting the American people from threats both domestic and abroad.
Surprise! Surprise! Ever hear of the computers changing a democratic vote to a republican vote? And still they claim no voter fraud when this has happened in other elections? Confiscate these machines and get non-partisan computer experts to track the culprits down, then prosecute! It is illegal to hack into these computers, is it not?
I see Bret Stephens' reasoning which makes a lot of sense to me. I only hope he is right about our ability to sustain ineffectual administrations based on the ability of our people's ingenuity.
This should make it easy for upper management to identify jobs that should be eliminated; just get rid of those people who are bored with not much to do, and omit that position since they readily admit that they don't have enough work to keep them busy.
I totally agree with you. Stop the funding, close the borders and enforce the current immigration laws.
Don't forget the unions!
Yeah, definitely "selective computer crashing"; what, never heard of it before? To be honest, neither have I.
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