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That's exactly what the Republicans should do because you knew the Democrats would go back to filibustering when they became the minority and it just continues on with their hypocrisy. Why give them the edge when they are willing to play this game? Obviously the Republicans are suffering from short term memory if they can't remember their frustration when they were in the minority!
I still want to know what he really meant by "transforming America". What transformations was he specifically going to make?
I would be more concerned about these "locals" returning to the US than their joining ISIS. We should take away their right to return to the United States if they are going to join ISIS with the intent to do us harm.
How much is Obamacare really costing the government (funded by taxpayers) to make healthcare affordable (free?) for those who they claimed had no healthcare before Obamacare? How many actually signed up for Obamacare that already had health insurance before Obamacare? How many lost their healthcare insurance and are now having to pay more?
Did you hear Jen Psaki's feeble excuse when Megyn asked if the State Dept. should demand the money be returned to the taxpayers? Frustrating that nothing positive comes out from the State Department.
Bush was in the White House for 9 months when we were attacked on 9/11. Clinton was in the White House for 8 years and knew more about the terrorist attacks during those 8 years than Bush did.
Listening to Jen Psaki explain the Yemeni crisis was disturbing. Megyn seems much more knowledgable about the crisis in the Middle East than Jen Psaki.
This is pure lunacy! Prosecute the tax cheaters and fire them from their jobs permanently. Why are they rewarding bad behavior?
Totally agree! I thank him for his service and hope he continues to look out for our best interests.
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