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Free for those who like handouts, but not for the hardworking taxpayers.
Wish the Media would invite Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams as guest speakers on a regular basis. They are role models America needs right now.
Okay, I guess I should take the time to spell his name correctly. No editing option on this blog. Schultz.
Just ask Ed Shultz.
We were awake! The Democratic Congress who passed this bill with our disapproval is responsible for this mess!
A better survey would be to have them sign an agreement that they volunteer to be deported in exchange for an illegal alien.
They also elected Harry Reid as their senate leader once again. What does that say about Democrats overall?
Sorry, no way to edit the name, Sharyl Attkisson.
She would have been shut down by the Mainstream Media years ago had she been Sheryl Atkinson.
Congressman Wilson was right six years ago.
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