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I totally agree with you. Stop the funding, close the borders and enforce the current immigration laws.
Don't forget the unions!
Yeah, definitely "selective computer crashing"; what, never heard of it before? To be honest, neither have I.
Was this called "selective computer crashing"?
I say confiscate the computers in her former office as well as her home computer and recover the files.
Sorry, didn't mean to hit the "flag as offensive". Meant to reply and add not just "silly world problems" but also the "phony scandals". Please ignore the "flagged as offensive" error!
Finally! CongressmanTrey Gowdy is an excellent pick and I wish him and the committee much success.
Nancy Pelosi said that they got all the jobs back that President Bush lost. Then why would the Senate extend unemployment benefits? Senate not listening to the democrats in the House?
Sorry no editing available to fix my comment; "to keep our government's already out of control budget from increasing even more."
House Republicans better have their "pen and their phone" on hand to start defunding every bill they can to keep the government's already out of control budget.
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