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At a recent social gathering, the women AND THEIR HUSBANDS were all chatting about the last episode of Downton Abbey. And we are all conservatives. Look at the make-up of your social network.
And he has learned nothing from this. I would love to be a fly on the wall at his next job interview. If, after this, he can even get an interview. If I were hiring that sort of poor judgement would be an authomatic eliminator.
Actually, that isn't what the original scripture says. Look up a commentary and you will see that the translation is quite different from the intent of the original language. Not to mention the context is important.
I went for my first time in Tucson. The crush had started by about 10. By 11 the fire code had long been blown. The drive-through line was backed up in the street by nearly a block.
Try the Southwest salad with grilled chicken. My first time at Chick-Fil-A but the salad was good enough to bring me back on my own.
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