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Obama Gives AZ Land Back to Mexico

Janet450 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 9:29 PM
I have had it....does anyone still doubt that this President of ours has an agenda that is not in the interest of America? If so, you need to find a guy online named Dinesh D'Sousa, who will explain that Obama is anti-colonialist and the dreams from his father is that America is pulled down economically, socially and militarily. God help us if another radical democrat gets in the WhiteHouse, like Hilary who is simply put, just another Obama, only in a pantsuit.
This govt administration - Obama's America - is clearly viewing us, the people, with contempt. Who is so stupid as not to see it clearly?? The facts bear it out - "We the People" will either submit as servants, or we will be attacked. We didn't start this fight, but we will either be slaves or agree together to finish it. The Democrat party, the party of my family for over 60 years, IS NOT THE SAME PARTY AS YOU SEE TODAY; the party has been hyjacked by far-left, hard-left retreads of the sixties, revolutionaries that are hell-bent on transforming America and holding its citizens with shackles of control. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, but sadly it is our reality. Time to wake up, all of us.
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