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Menstrual Activism

Janet450 Wrote: Aug 02, 2014 4:27 PM
I am about ready to vomit so lets just say I agree with the post of Nancy4392, except to say this: If I end up paying upwards of $75 grand for my kid to go to a University, and all these years of sacrifice to pay for that education come down to my kid learning to walk around with blood on her pants.....I may become one of those campus shooters.
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Hillary's Bullying the Media

Janet450 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 5:56 PM
I would rather have my guts cut out and fed to me than to live under a Hillary administration. My God, hasn't this Country suffered enough embarrassment already with Obama? Now we have such little talent in America that we are forced to stick an ex-President's wife in the Oval office?? Because why, because she traveled the world with Bill and got to meet people in China and Russia? Because she had such elegant table manners? Other Countries must think we are stupid as the day is long, and they may just be right.....here I go ready to vomit again.....time to go.......
I am sick to vomit. I can't even continue reading.
Thank God old Barry golfs so much; every minute he has his attention on something other than our Country, we go another day without a damning, horrible policy or regulation. Golf on!!!!
I am almost happy that the Obama lovebirds hate America, because maybe after their term is over, they will pack up and move out of the Country, the further, the better. I only hope the Country can last until then, since they are such little busy-bees as they go about dismantling the entire Nation and damning us to misery and a gleeful spot as number 60 or 61 in the world, instead of number 1. God help us.
My Lord this Matthews guy is an idiot. I cannot believe the words that just came out of his mouth: it's like he just stared goo-goo eyes at Obama and heard whatever he wanted - When has Obama ever even ONCE spoke about how great America is, or how great it is to be an American? Obama has never had one good word to say about this Country because he does not like this Country. He is an anti-colonialist. Look up the word, Matthews, you may learn something. Probably not.
I understand it is very troubling to hear, but our President is a blatent, continuous, consistant liar. He cannot be trusted and he proves that every time he opens his mouth.
LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: Children are entering our Southern border who have parents already here living as illegal aliens and we are transporting these kids to them? Tell me: when would you leave your children behind and sneak illegally into another country ? What kind of "parents" are these? Solution: I agree with the liberal left: NO families should be broken up - both the children AND THE ILLEGAL GUILTY PARENTS WHO ARE NOW QUESTIONABLY GUILTY OF CHILD NEGLECT, should be returned to their own country - together, with our love from America, period. ANOTHER THING: A spokesman for these children was on tv stating that "deporting children is not the answer"; okay, I agree: SO WHY ARE THESE COUNTRIES DEPORTING THEIR ELDERLY, SICK, AND POOR AND ILLITERATES TO AMERICA? Is it not also NOT THE ANSWER for Hondoras, Guatemala and El Salvator to deport their citizens? I am sick and tired of america seemingly expected to "help our economy" by the influx of sick, elderly and the poor/unskiiled to be placed on our Medicaid, housing, cash assistance, tuition, food, medical care, dental care, many of them pregnant which multiplies what we the American taxpayer have to pay for. We are being dollared to death with this, and wake up because it is the american citizens, we the people, who own this Country and who shall decide which immigrants will be a contributing member of society - that process is what we lack. This is not for King Obama to force on any of us. Who the hell do these politicians and Country rulers think they are?? Close the border and secure it. Safely and gently escort these families back to their own country. Then full process of legal immigration can be implemented based on requirements like the ability for that immigrant to contribute to the prosperity of America. Enough of this nonsense. Just check and see what will happen if you try to go to any of these countries illegally, or try to just show up on their border and see what happens. How about if we treat immigration based on the countries own policy of immigration? Guess what: nobody would ever be able to immigate to the Usa - just see what the requirements are to legally become a citizen of ElSalvador or Guatemala. If you even have a hang-nail they won't let you in, because if you lose your job, they don't want to pay your medical bill. and quess what: that is very smart, isn't it? Isn't it?????????
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Obama Gives AZ Land Back to Mexico

Janet450 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 9:29 PM
I have had it....does anyone still doubt that this President of ours has an agenda that is not in the interest of America? If so, you need to find a guy online named Dinesh D'Sousa, who will explain that Obama is anti-colonialist and the dreams from his father is that America is pulled down economically, socially and militarily. God help us if another radical democrat gets in the WhiteHouse, like Hilary who is simply put, just another Obama, only in a pantsuit.
This govt administration - Obama's America - is clearly viewing us, the people, with contempt. Who is so stupid as not to see it clearly?? The facts bear it out - "We the People" will either submit as servants, or we will be attacked. We didn't start this fight, but we will either be slaves or agree together to finish it. The Democrat party, the party of my family for over 60 years, IS NOT THE SAME PARTY AS YOU SEE TODAY; the party has been hyjacked by far-left, hard-left retreads of the sixties, revolutionaries that are hell-bent on transforming America and holding its citizens with shackles of control. Sounds like a sci-fi movie, but sadly it is our reality. Time to wake up, all of us.
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