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I want to see him pay the price for his treasonous acts.
The media and politicos refuse to refer to Obama's deadly islamist -nazis-arab terrorist connections. Why is the deadly Muslim Brotherhood and other islamists advising him instead of citizens appointed who know the score? Why does BHO support islamists?Why does BHO send out taxes to the terrorists via the Muslim Brotherhoos and CAIR?
The Hill hangs with the Liar in the WH --- and it is like she didn't know -duh!! The are both disgusting liars and need to feel the sting on consequences.
Is this on the word of the school board? How come they weren't told ahead of time? So are there Mosques in the area? Are Muslims on the school board? We have not heard the whole story------
How much does BHO pay his appointed diegusting Muslim Brotherhood advisors? They do have free-range to hack into all and whatever they choose as they UNDERMINE AND tear away whatever healthcare they can??
They were-- this time we have the evil of Islam mixed with the Nazi mantra.
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