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Russia Continues to Arm Asad Government Against Al Qaida

Janet355 Wrote: May 12, 2013 8:24 PM
I'm not really up to speed on the Syrian front...but aren't the rebels al queda and all part of the muslim brotherhood? Why would anyone except terrorists want Assad to lose? Including O/D who supplied them with weapons of all sorts. Appreciate it if someone would inform me. thanks

Pakistan: May 11 was election day in Pakistan.

In Peshawar, the provincial High Court ruled that US drone attacks are illegal and a war crime. "In view of the established facts, undeniable in nature, under the UN Charter & Conventions, the people of Pakistan have every right to ask the security forces either to prevent such strikes by force or to shoot down intruding drones," the court said.

"The government of Pakistan must ensure that no drone strike takes place in the future," it added and also asked the ministry of foreign affairs to table a resolution in...