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And who gives a flying fu** what this has been (never was) has to say. This is why I'm done with the ignorant idiots in Lala land. Not a clue.....never get the facts before opening mouth and inserting foot......trying to influence the uninformed of the country(which is too many)
This is the spoiled little brat...pospotus....getting his little vendetta going for Walker trouncing the dems and the unions . We've got your # bozo. Can't smear Scott because he's smarter and more accomplished than you'll ever be.
You are sounding like a broken record. Try looking...really looking at this pospotus' record of doing nothing but destroying this country ...and if you are every bit as anti American as he.
You people in Wisconsin are crazy if you vote against Walker. After all the pluses he has shown.....every state in the country would be lucky to have him. I'd love to see him run for President...with Ted cruz as running mat.
Pay no attention to this fool. He is an idiot on every level.
They really don't want to go there.
No No No to either one of the establishment rinos. Have we not learned our lesson???
Making his own laws again. That is treason.
This guy is almost as repulsive and communistic as the pospotus and I can't hardly stand to look at his miserable face. He is another uber anti American and should not be anywhere near our gvmt.
Yes there is Joe. Hatred toward voter fraud.
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