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No No No to either one of the establishment rinos. Have we not learned our lesson???
Making his own laws again. That is treason.
This guy is almost as repulsive and communistic as the pospotus and I can't hardly stand to look at his miserable face. He is another uber anti American and should not be anywhere near our gvmt.
Yes there is Joe. Hatred toward voter fraud.
Love your columns and just had to ..sorry ...I'm still laughing so hard at catball I can't even type.. You do draw some looney toons and this one gave me the laugh of the month. How would you go about fixing stupid????? LOL LMBO What a clown.
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Cruz Control?

Janet355 Wrote: Feb 18, 2014 5:30 PM
At least we know Cruz is an American and has denounced his Canadian citizenship and his records are open for all to see. School, s/s, etc
it may dawn on him one day ....that he is half white too. But that won't come into play until being white will fit his cover up agenda. I think he knows that its not color coded.....(his ugly ratings).....its just because he has done nothing good for this country...NOTHING...... He has divided us like no one thought possible, ruined our economy... killed millions of jobs, enslaved millions of Americans,, treated our enemies like visiting royalty and threw our allies under the bus....spent our hard earned tax dollars so foolishly we are in debt like we never thought possible.....just saying. Color has nothing to do with stupidity.
Just keep that head in the sand pospotus....and you make choke to death.
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