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That's because idiots like that are drinking the Obama Kool Aid and listening to MSNBC's propaganda.
The Tea Party began at the tail end of the Bush Administration, after the first bailouts. That's BEFORE Obama got elected. Get it? It's not Obama's color anyone objects to, it's his ideology and the fact that he's a Marxist. He thinks he can now rule by executive fiat rather than by our checks and balances system. His policies are destroying the middle class, and he's used multiple government agencies to attack and silence political enemies. Playing the Race Card doesn't cut it anymore. Obama is the worst president this country as ever had. Period.
No, it's not your race that causes people not to like you, Obama, it's your ideology! People don't like you because you're an America-hating, Marxist POS. That's why your approval ratings are low. You wouldn't have been elected----twice, no less----if the country were as racist as you claim!
Hillary Clinton is not fit to be Commander in Chief. Period. If she can't do her job as Secretary of State, how can anyone trust her to do the job as Commander in Chief? The fact is that she was in charge of the State Department, and they failed to do their job and protect the Americans that were over there. There is also a question of whether or not weapons were being sent out of there to Syria----which would be a violation of the law. Clinton claims nothing like that was happening, but does anyone believe her? I don't.
Put simply, all of those Obama and Hillary supporters who continue to insist that this is a trumped up "phony scandal"----what do you say now? Your Fearless Leader and his Secretary of State let an ambassador and three others die. Help could have been sent. Why wasn't it? No one seems to want to answer that question. Where was Obama while these men were under siege for eight hours? Where was Clinton? No one seems to want to answer that, either. And the House Leadership and others in Congress don't seem to enthusiastic to get answers, either. It's obvious that a Select Committee is necessary. The four or five committees that have been trying to find out are a disjointed mess that can't seem to get any straight answers on anything. Time for a Select Committee and/or a Special Prosecutor (not assigned by Holder) with subpoena power to get answers. The obstruction and obfuscation have gone on long enough. If Hillary Clinton wants to be Commander in Chief, she needs to start answering questions about her tenure as Secretary of State. If she can't do her job and protect an ambassador and staff, then she's not fit to be Commander in Chief. Period. The dismissal and attempt my the Stepford Media to cover for both Obama and Clinton is absolutely pathetic and disgusting. How they can continue to believe that they have any credibility left is beyond me. THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION LIED. FOUR DIED. REMEMBER THE BENGHAZI FOUR. 9/11/12 Benghazi, Lybia
Lol! I think I'd trust a bank robber before I'd trust a politician!
Someone needs to send Federal Marshalls in there and get every single scrap of documentation requested, and then drag every official in HHS in front of the committee and make them testify. If they refused to cooperate, I'd have them arrested for failure to comply. The arrogance and rampant law-breaking of this Administration is absolutely sickening. Where are the GOP? Oh...that's right...they're too busy getting worrying about themselves to care. Throw All Establishment Bums Out!
Worst President Ever. Impeach Obama.
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Celebrity Hypocrites

JanePalooka Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 12:26 AM
Sometimes, listening to the stupid stuff that comes out of these vapid idiots' minds is just downright painful. The endless parade of stupidity is just amazing!
Why the Democrat Party doesn't just change its name and make it officially the Socialist Democrat Party is beyond me. They have become nothing but progressives who seek the destruction of the United States.
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