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The Elephant of Jew Hatred

Janene4 Wrote: Apr 21, 2012 11:30 AM
It is "cosmically" irrational & pushing deep cultural boundaries of humanity in the Palestinians...a battle involving more than the eye can see. Scary world and headed in the direction God has said it would. The scriptures, Daniel, Revelation and others read like the front pages. Things we couldn't put our minds around 50 years ago are coming together as prophecied. A "cosmic" situation involving more than the physical realms.... Yet another PROOF of the God of the Bible--laying out history in advance SO THAT YOU WILL KNOW HE is.

Hatred of Jews is the central animating feature of the political and strategic reality of the Middle East. It is hatred of Jews that dictates the legal regimes, foreign policies, military aspirations, cultural mores, educational themes and even public health policies of our neighbors from Ramallah to Tehran.

Despite the centrality of Jew-hatred in all aspects of public life in the Arab and Muslim world, our neighbors' unrelenting and irrational abhorrence for Israel and the Jewish people remains a dirty secret that you aren't supposed to mention in polite company. From Washington to Brussels, talk of the policy implications of Arab...