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DOJ to Florida: Don't You Dare Clean Up Your Voter Rolls

Jane388 Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 7:53 AM
Odumbo is afraid of losing without all those dead people and illegals! I agree with the comment about voter IDs but I think the states should handle it. Hummm??? My parents are both passed away but they were die-hard Republicans I bet they would appreciate a chance to vote! Hummm!!!!!!!!!! How are we ever going to stop these tyrants? And I hear Republicans blasting Ron Paul's Libertarians and Libertarians blasting Republicans. Folks, we better worry about the real enemy and when that problem is handled, then argue and fight! AND 2 Chronicles - Chapter 7:14

A simple way to help prevent voter fraud and election abuse is for states to purge voter rolls. What does this mean? Getting rid of names on voter rolls of people ineligible to vote such as illegal aliens, dead people, duplicates, etc. For nearly a year, Florida election officials have asked the Department of Homeland Security for access to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement database in order to take illegal aliens and non-citizens off Florida voter rolls. Not surprisingly, DHS has been dragging its feet and has yet to comply with the request and now, the Department of Justice is...