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Mass Murder Prevented by Off-Duty Cop

Jane388 Wrote: Dec 18, 2012 1:56 PM
About the NRA being silent, maybe they think it is in bad form to politicize and exploit this tragedy. When the funerals are over it the time for discussion.
Ain't no cure for stupid and if you think banning guns will prevent violence you are just plain stupid! I don't know the solution to an out-of control-crazy going bonkers and killing people but disarming me, a handicapped, 66 year old who lives alone is no acceptable solution. Now don't try to twist what I say and say that I'm defending the shooter, far from it, but if a person is this disturbed they need help before it gets to this point. They suffering and it is a terrible to do nothing for them. BTW if I understand it correctly, autism is not a mental illness it ts a cognitive disorder and I've never hard of it provoking violence before. Quit power-grabbing (Obamacare) and look at ways to provide help for these individuals
What an idiot!!! He just don't get it! Never will! Just like the GOP leadership.
I doubt the results of the presidential election, West just had the guts to contest and demand an accurate count!
Guns without bullets??? Hummmm!! I think the Secret Service shouldn't be allowed to carry loaded weapons. He needs to set an example in this country.
This is a major concern! If there were no other reasons to vote the "chosen one" out this would be enough!
Real problem is that Dems want to win elections with dead people and illegals! Winning in a "Fair and square" election I can go for but if you have to keep dead people on the voting rolls --- that ain't my definition of fair and square! How do you collect fines from dead people??? Even Obozo might have a problem with that one!
Odumbo is afraid of losing without all those dead people and illegals! I agree with the comment about voter IDs but I think the states should handle it. Hummm??? My parents are both passed away but they were die-hard Republicans I bet they would appreciate a chance to vote! Hummm!!!!!!!!!! How are we ever going to stop these tyrants? And I hear Republicans blasting Ron Paul's Libertarians and Libertarians blasting Republicans. Folks, we better worry about the real enemy and when that problem is handled, then argue and fight! AND 2 Chronicles - Chapter 7:14
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