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The Age of Spam

Jane346 Wrote: Oct 23, 2014 9:28 PM
The problem with giving A to F grades is the assumption that there should be schools that fail. They may not differ greatly from schools with B or C grades, if you look closely at how they perform, but even so grading on the curve requires some to fail.
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How to Fight Sexual Assault

Jane346 Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 7:59 PM
Actually, women need to stop being involved in hookups--what I call free prostitution. Put an end to easy sex, and perhaps the sexual assaults will stop.
Do you know what you have to do to get tenure? If not, stop railing against it. Everything that you've done in your first 6 years of employment is examined thoroughly, and if you don't get tenure, you're fired. This is not sour grapes--I went through the process and did get tenure. Is there any other job that requires that rigorous an examination of everything you've done since you were hired?
Read it again as sarcasm, not as what he believes.
Russia settled Russians in all the countries that were the Soviet Union, just for an opportunity like this. Russia cannot be trusted.
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Getting Back To Religious Freedom

Jane346 Wrote: May 24, 2014 7:35 AM
There are atheists, who don't believe, and honor the constitution, and, on the other hand, antitheists, who don't want anyone else to believe either, and violate the constitution.
Sells you twice as much as you want. Isn't that a win-win-win?
Also, remember that all of Canada and the northern tier of our states were covered in ice only about 15,000 years ago. If not for global warming back then, I'd be living a lot farther south that I do now.
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