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The REAL Abortion Extremists

Jane281 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 10:33 AM
You have to wonder if those moderates both parties covet actually would agree with this Dem plank that says it's ok for a woman to rip an unborn baby out of her uterus - andexpect others to pay for the murder she's committing. Which position is extreme - one that respects life and one that respects nothing? Imagine the feminazi roar if thegovt gave the fathers of unborn babies the right to terminate the pregnancies - why should the guys be incinvenienced by a child they don't want?
It's obvious that Democrats are going to make abortion rights a central part of their convention, in an effort to forward the tired "war on women" meme that's all they have left when the President's record is an abject failure.  As I've noted before, it's a risky strategy.

On today's "Meet the Press," Newt Gingrich actually did a very good job of pointing out the unbridled extremism of the Obama Democrats when it comes to abortion. From the show's transcript of an exchange between Gingrich and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman (emphasis added):