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Your point? Are we back to blaming people for being white? I am white and accept NO responsibility for what thugs in southside Chicago or other places do. Your are what you are by YOUR OWN CHOICE AND WORK, Not by accident of birth. GROW UP!!@!
Pity the black community doesn't see Dr. Carson and Col West, as well as others as their heros instead of these two criminals....But then that would require them to get up, go to work and take care of themselves...not exactly what trash like Clinton and Ovomit want.
I would call them "Dumbocraps", but that would insult the elephant...IDIOTS AND CRIMINAL ALL!!
When speaking of the Clintons, please remember that "dying" is something they are very familiar with: the trail of bodies behind these two is astounding since neither of them is in prison.
Nothing they can say or do will phase Trey someone else said: he is this administrations "worst nightmare"...he will make the Ken Starr look like a choir boy...
Trey Gowdy can best be described as a Pitt Bull...there is no one better for this investigation. Love this guy...would make a great president...
But they had no problem voting in a MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
And the current sitting Dolt In Chief was born in Kenya!!!! Get serious!!!!!!!!!!! I can only assume you are an "ovomit" supporter ANY REPUTLICAN out there would be an improvement over this Muslim Communist that is doing his best to destroy this country.
by all means, blame the Republicans: Who do you damocraps blame for Afghanistan? We are STILL there and will still be there from now on...14 years later after your god, Slick Willie, sent in the first troops. You people cannot tell the truth about anything. Iraq was liberated and your newest hero, Ovomit, threw that alll in the trash. Now the country is back where they started: living in caves, beating their wives and daughters and blowing themselves to kingdom com with home made bombs.
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