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Nobody is bullying anybody: the fact that we follow Biblical teaching and gays are not living by the teachings of Christ is not bullying, it is denying the truth. There is nothing natural in the way they live, even the animal world doesn't live that way. And another suggestion: STOP trying to force the Christian world to accept this deviant way of life.
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Liberals Storm California's Bedrooms

Jane175 Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 7:08 AM
California is bankrupt, overrun will illegals and all they have to worry about is campus sex???? What is wrong with this picture?
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When Paul Became Muhammad

Jane175 Wrote: Oct 02, 2014 7:47 AM
You only get out of life what you put into it. This slug felt someone "owed" him and typiy of all who cop out with this attitude he went nowhere. You want something, EARN IT. You cannot DEMAND respect: you have to COMMAND RESPECT.
If the men who made the company successful are old white guys, what does that tell you about what is needed to run a business SUCCESSFULLY....
Christianity and The Bible has been taught in every language on earth and in every country. Those who refuse to accept Christ as their personal savior will be doomed to hell. Simple as that.
They only attack Christians: never Jews or Muslims!!! Why do we scare them so much if they are so convinced we are wrong? As for the town in Arkansas, there is a Christian College there, with most of the town being involved in that group. I hope the owner stands by his discount...
Trust me, Al Gore probably started this. He is making billions off of all of this and the liberal left is so stupid and blind, they don't care as long as they "have a cause"...
Your rude, arrogant, self righteous comment only emphasizes your total ignorance of what the right believes and is fighting for: my father said it best: there is nothing worse than an educated fool!!! which represents most of the left
If you are so opposed to the Christian faith and the literal translation of the Bible, why do you read his writings? He hasn't rewritten anything...he is just following the Bible as IT IS WRITTEN.....
You are dreaming!!! This thug is another Chicago gang style politician and couldn't care less about anyone but himself. He is also a full blown muslim and in league with the terrorists....
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